Friday, 13 November 2015

What a night - but results !

What a night or should I say early hours.... I just could not sleep.....

I know why but that just does not help me.

So thought, not sure I will be able to do any crafting today with my mind not on the job.

However LOOK ........ 

This is what I made and its only my 2nd attempt at this art form

Encaustic Wax 

This was my first go using 2 colours to get something similar to a landscape.

This was made with the wax left on the iron. !!!

I have to say how great I felt after making these. 

Not sure if I need to do more to them or just as they are. Wondered about putting a couple of birds in the pictures but leave that till later? 

Thanks for looking

Will be entering a new challenge later made the card just need to take photos :) 


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