Wednesday, 2 December 2015


Got a funny story today

Over the weekend while I was off to see my grandchildren with their Advent Calendar 

I was What'sapping my sister. 

Now I was off to Cornwall and she was off to Essex

Now one would think one would check on what one says.....

I asked my sister "Why are you going to Essex" 

She said " to look at a puppy ....  Soybean a new addition to the family today" 

Me ".... Soybean is that the new name of the puppy"

She " I have laughed till I cried just read my text out to everyone in the car and "WE ARE NOT CALLING IT SOYBEAN" 


Now I wonder what she meant ..... !!!! 

OH YES message should have read " So will be a new addition to the family"

Moral of the story 

Always check your message before you send it.

But we both did have a laugh.

The puppy is called Ruby and is soooooo sweet ..... but to me she will always be Soybean :) 

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