Sunday, 31 January 2016

Bibs and bobs with love

Afternoon - what a day it is outside, so its a day in doors for me.

What about you? 

I should really do the housework, but who in their right mind 
does housework when there is crafting to do? 

Don't get me wrong - our log Cabin is lovely 
cosy, warm and clean, I just like 
my crafting. 

So thought must get this card done so that I can enter it.

Made a card blank from Kraft Card, and mounted a purple dot
backing paper onto it, leaving a very small edge of Kraft card. 

Used a topper from Crafty Individuals Ferns and Flowers 1 sheet.

I  used Crafty Individuals topper as the main focal point 
mounted onto purple card with gems in the corners.

Topper added, red tape added to put the sequin ribbon on, 

more red tape for the purple ribbon 
Sentiment added. 

Bow made with the same purple ribbon 

Sparkle buttons added to the corners,
Feather and butterfly topper.

There it is all done. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thanks Marianne for your links for new challenges, and 
your American Candy Giveaway. 
Will be adding it to my blog side bar shortly.

Keep warm and happy everyone. 

Crafty hugs 

Time to Celebrate - New Home

Hi again and thanks for popping in.
What a day can make - yesterday lovely and sunny and was able to get out
into the garden but this morning heavy rain again.

I hope you are all well and keeping warm.

And a warm welcome to my new followers. :) 

Here is what I was working on yesterday

I have used the Clarity Stamp Wee House
and Wee trees.

I stamped the Wee House in Black Archival inks onto a backing
paper I had in my stash which I had made with watercolour paints. 

Used Acrylic paints to colour in the house, not sure why I chose Pink but it seemed to be
the colour that was needed. 
Then grounded the house onto the page by giving some  Wee hills.

The trees went wrong !!! Inked in the "wrong" green colour too dark

 - so used white acrylic paint over the images,

coloured in again with watercolour green paint and added "blossom"
In fact it has worked quite well in the end. Don't think the picture shows the blossom
so well as it is. 

Made a path to the foreground and added a bit more texture to the image

Added a die Cut sentiment 

New Home 

Mounted onto to a dark blue card stock onto a blue base card stock.

And bingo  A wee New Home Card. 

I hope you like it

Would like to enter it for the following 

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Butterflies over the edge

Well its Saturday morning, cakes are cooked and the sun 
is actually shinning. 

So hopefully will go for a walk later. 

I have had a busy day yesterday making several cards 
all in the process of putting together.
That is the problem when I do watercolour paintings, 
have to wait for paint to dry.

I have made this card - had a brain wave - I usually 
make these cards with flowers and thought "why not something different"

So Butterflies it is.

I used Craftwork Cards card blank already designed with a trellis.

Used the gold "sticky strips" around the edges (as shown)

And added a variety of Hunkydory Butterflies. 

Then the final part was to put dots of glitter on each of the 
spots on the trellis. 

This photo shows the card lying down. 

I would like to enter the card for the following


Thank you for popping in 

Enjoy your day and see you again soon
God willing tomorrow.

Friday, 29 January 2016

Q is for ....

Morning All

Not very nice outside today, strong winds and rain here. 

Enjoyed yesterday doing a bit of watercolour painting and 
made this for the next challenge with

I am keeping with my idea of using Tags 

I found a free digi black and white  Clip Art picture of a Quail which I downloaded 
and used my watercolour pens to colour in. 

Used Color Burst paints to make the background having 
"masked" off the bird

Then added grass

Die cut letter Q and the definition mounted onto the 
same colour card stock as the letter Q.

Finally added raffia 

Bingo  Q is for Quail :) 

I use to keep Quail many years ago - so sweet when they hatch out of 
the eggs - the young quail look like little bumble bees. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping in 
keep safe and warm

Crafty hugs 

Thursday, 28 January 2016

For the Ladies - Birthday Wishes

Morning All

Welcome to my latest followers - I get so excited to see
new people following my blog - So a big thank you to you ALL.

Well after thinking yesterday that I was having a 
day of not getting much done.

I ended up with a good selection of New Cards

I have been thinking about CAS cards and came up with this

Sometime I think I try too hard to make something different.

This card was really quite simple to make. 

I started with a WHITE embossed flower card blank.
coloured the flowers in with ProMarkers 

Added a Craftwork cards sentiment 

and a yellow flower. 

I also made one for the boys which I will share at another time.

I would like to enter this card for the following 


Thanks for popping in
Hope you have a good day

Crafty hugs

Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Afternoon all

Been busy today making cards and here is my worktop  as it is at the moment. 

I have been making background papers with Color Burst - The papers are now dry.

While they were drying I used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut out the shapes you see 
to the left of the picture. 

Great no more using scissors to try to get an even edge. 
I asked the Scan N Cut to give an edge and I was surprised how well all the 
little bits came out. Thanks to the latest update the Brother Scan N Cut 
can now scan coloured pictures. Fantastic. 

All ready to make into New Baby cards. 

I don't know why but feel a bit flat today, 
may be due to the last week of worry. 

Or could it be the rain?

Maybe I should have put my papers out in the rain with inks on.
Wonder how that would work? 

Going to get out the Gelli plate I think and give a try for some more
back ground papers. 

You may see in the back ground of the picture Clarity Stamp Wee Houses
Got in mind a few cards as Welcome New Home. 

Do you, like me, have loads of thoughts going around in your head
as to what to make and create. 
Sometimes I find I get "clogged up " with all the ideas.

And then think things are going wrong.
But as in one of my posts this week - Sometimes good things 
happen when they are mistakes. 

I look forward to another days crafting. 
Best get on with the washing up..... I know what I would prefer to be doing !!!

Got loads to put onto a well known auction site so best think about that 

Thanks for popping in and look forward later to 
pop in to other who have entered the site of WOYWW

Do pop over and have a look on Stamping Ground and see what 
all the fun is about. 

Well thats it for now - given myself some time to think 
and reflect on things.

Crafty hugs 


The High Seas

Morning All

How are you all today, its another WOYWW day 
if you do not know what this is all about click on the link.

Will be entering my Worktop in another post shortly. 

Its great fun and I love seeing everyone's worktop. listen to 
new ideas and see other Crafters work.

I have been concentrating on making Men's cards over the last few days.

So here is another card for today

I have used the Little Claire Wavy Stamp onto my card stash which I made with 
watercolour paints on a Hint of Gold card stock. 

Stamped the image in Black and used watercolour paints to "colour" in.

Then used White Acrylic paint to make waves, clouds and "colour" over 
on the lighthouse what should be white areas. 

Die cut into a circle and mounted onto blue card circle
onto a green-ish card blank.

Then the tricky part - made bunting !!!

Used a ribbon and made flags, attached to red tape with twine rope
added to the card and final part added gems in the corners. 

And a sentiment from Hunkydory.

I would like to enter it for the following 


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Going to the shops

Afternoon All

How are you today? Very wet and windy here 
they say its due to the weather in America...
well at least for now we have not got the snow.

Glad to say Mum is now home ..... just hope 
what do I hope for ..... that she takes it easy.

Easy Does it

Well here is my card for today

Going to the Shops

- Just what I have been doing this morning although Sainsburys did not look
like these Wee Shops. Think they look like the Good Old Days
something Vintage about them....

I have made this card thinking something suitable for a man.

I used the New Clarity Stamp Wee Shops. stamping onto white card.
Yes White !!!

Then I used various different inks, distress inks making the sky using
cloud masks, added a few blobs of blue scrunched up on paper to give more texture in the sky.

Next  coloured in the shops with Acrylic paints and pencils.

Then painted the foreground with Color Burst having sprayed the whole card
 with plenty of water first then "puffed" with the powders.

Quite pleased as to how the Color Burst created the foreground.

Final step - mount onto blue card onto a white card blank
and added a Hunkydory sentiment.

Well thats it, sorry for the lack of photos today.

Seem to have forgotten to do them ..... silly me.

I would like to enter it for the following


Seize the birthday - Clean and Simple Birthday

Sweet stamping Challenge - VINTAGE or SHABBY CHIC

2 Crafty girls - 11 - Anything goes

Cute Card Thursday - One for the Boys

Monday, 25 January 2016

Refection on reflections

Morning All hope I find you all well and have had a good weekend.

Here is my card for today 

I thought I would share with you my mistakes,
using the gelli plate and how I got to this final card. 

I did promise this on my blog A New Day is Dawning

To recap I was following the instructions on Barbara Grays Calendar 
to make January picture.

All was going well so I thought using the gelli plate but when I took the first 
reflection image this is what I got......

Can you see .... yes a brown blob in the sky .....aaagghhhh 

So try again.... so far so good.....


started stamping the tree canopy  and aaggghhhh not again....

wrong top on wrong ink. BROWN where it should be green.

So try again.....

Then the reflection of the birds - upside down..... aaagggghhhhh
Ops do not have a picture of this mistake

But I thought well the bits around the wrong bits are ok 
what shall I do...


and boy yes that works.... add a bit more colour for the sun reflections on all the 
small card. 

Mount an image onto 2 different blue papers and then onto a card blank
Bingo A new Card - rather nice I think and several more to make.

Now I have a smiley face and its all a learning curve with crafting
its the journey as much as the final destination. 

So out of something wrong comes lots of good things.

So I would like to enter it for the following 


Crafty hugs 

Thanks for popping in.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Sending Hugs

Morning All

Well how are you today? I went for a 2 mile walk yesterday around the block
up and down the very steep hills we have here.
My step monitor said I had done 29 flights of stairs...
and added over 5000 steps to my count. 

I was lovely - almost spring like.

Got to be quick today as I need to bake cakes for the weeks
lunch boxes.

Glad to say I spoke with Mum yesterday, via my Sisters phone, as Mums phone 
still not charged - the person who was sorting it out DID it WRONG 
 although she is
still in hospital and no further tests done yet as its the weekend
just hope and pray tomorrow will be good news.
The swelling on her spine is the main concern now....

But I have to remember I am powerless over people, places and things.

Now for today's card which says it all 
don't you think....

I started off using a new set of John Lockwood stamps that arrived yesterday.

Stamped the flower box and words in Archival inks

Used my one and only Promarker pens  and coloured in the image

Then I cut down the topper and added it to a card blank -  one of the Little Claire Design 
bargain selection 

Added a piece of vintage lace to the edge and added 3 Hunkydory flower toppers

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping in and I hope you have a 
lovely peaceful Sunday

Crafty hugs 

ps if I get time will show my "mistakes" using a Gelli plate later
but out of mistakes come success.... fingers crossed 

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Spring is in the air


Beautiful sunny day so hope to be out and about 
may even get round the "block" today - 2 mile plus walk.

Here is my card today

Spring must be in the air - so mild that Daffs are out in the garden. 

I have used my brand new never used -  John Lockwood Daffodil rubber stamp 
inking with archival watering can ink

Coloured with the only Promarkers I have

Mounted onto different shades of yellow and orange paper / card

And added yellow glitter glue to the flowers.

Final step added ribbon and gems in the corners.

Would like to enter for the following 


Thanks for popping in 

Look forward to seeing you again.

Many thanks for all your kind words and thoughts about Mum
She is still in hospital needing more tests. 

Crafty hugs 

Friday, 22 January 2016

Hats off to you My Dear Watson

Morning Folks and thanks for popping in

My sister and I are now waiting for the results of an MRI scan 
that our Mum had yesterday, and until the results come back
of course she wont be allowed to come home. 

Not that I think she is in a fit state to come home but you 
know what hospitals are like - All out for the Weekend !

But at least the full time Carer will be at Mums home today
so that's all in place. 

Now for my card for today.

Been using up scraps of paper and paper stash bits and here is the card

Used up a scrap of shaving foam paper by stamping with Clarity Stamp

Used the "wrong" card blank so made it "right" by colouring with Distress inks

Then used a sheet of Craftwork cards paper to cut out the hats, etc
stuck onto the mounted design with sticky pads.

I highlight areas on the topper paper with pencils. and used an 
alcohol pen around the mounted topper in orange to bring the colours all together. 

Think it works - what do you think. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Well that is it for now.

Thanks for popping in and see you again hopefully tomorrow

Crafty hugs 


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Say it with Flowers

Afternoon All and thanks for popping in.

It would seem that Mum has had a mini stroke, and 
today they are doing more tests. 

Been busy up at the Village Hall Coffee morning today, 
took my mind off things today
and sold some of my Mens cards today.

Here is the card for today.

Been a bit difficult taking a photo of the card - not sure why
not as clear an image as I would wish. 

I stamped the flower image with Versa-mark and sprinkled with 
embossing powder on A hint of Gold card stock. 

Used Cosmic shimmer watercolours to paint in the flowers.

Used Distress inks to colour in the background lightly with colour

Then stamped the sentiments from Clarity stamps.

Mounted onto white card blank.

Hope you like it 

Would like to enter it for the following 


Thanks for popping in 

Time for a cuppa and time to relax 

Hope to see you again very soon, God willing I will be back tomorrow. :) 

Crafty hugs

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WOYWW - 364


It was very cold here this morning down to minus 5C however 
been a lovely sunny day. 

Glad to say its been a productive day today, 
in between phone calls and messages.

Its surprising how one feels when things are not as they should be. 
But on reflection one can only do ones best. 

Mum had to have a CT scan on her neck today to see if there 
is a clot there which has been causing her mini strokes. 

Pneumonia too does not help either.

I know that my crafting has been keeping me 
in the right mind set and although one worries 
I keep myself focused on the job in hand.

Stamping Ground - WOYWW - I nearly forgot to take a photo today
so its not really my work surface but a selection of the cards
I have made today...... drying 
waiting to bag up with envelopes for tomorrows 
Coffee Morning up at the village Hall.

A lot of Mens cards are always required - 
may have something to do with mainly WOMEN 
being at the coffee mornings. 

Sorry about the quality of the photo - taken with the lights on and its now 
rather dark. But it gives you an idea. 

Well thats it for now and have a good evening.
I hope the phone wont be going too much tonight.

Crafty hugs 

Thanks for popping in, hope to see you again soon. 

 I have to say its been so nice to receive 
good wishes from all my Blogger friends
it really is appreciated to think that 
you take the time to send me a message 

Posting the letter

Morning All and thanks for popping in.

I had a better nights sleep so hopefully 
a better day to do crafting.

Been very cold last night down to -5 here 
poor daffodils are looking very sad. 
Silly flowers to be out at this time of year.

Here is my card for today.

I made it using Hobby Art Stamps
painting with Cosmic Shimmer watercolour paints, 
highlighting areas with pencils.

Used the Clarity Stamp masks to make the clouds.

and topped onto a white card blank. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Hobby Art Blog Challenge - January 

Thanks for popping in and look forward 
to hearing from you again. 

Waiting for news about Mum today going for more tests 
just have to remember "I am powerless over people, places and things"

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tiger tiger

Afternoon all

Thanks for popping in nice to see you to see you nice :) 

Been a bit of a bad 24 hours - not slept at all, head going round and round 
with worry about Mum who was admitted into hospital last night. 

So I have not been myself today.

Trying to sort things out from afar is not easy.

But must think positive and look forward....
don't you think. 

Here is my card for today.

As the saying goes "one I made earlier" as my head is not 
in a crafting mood just now. 

Sorry the picture is not too good to show the glitter on the card. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Monday, 18 January 2016

Cock a doodle do with friends.

Afternoon all.

Been one of those days !!! 

But back to what this blog is all about

I have made this card over the weekend. 

Using Hobby Art stamps
but used them from several different sets to make my "own"

I used a hand made backing paper.

 Stamped the image using black archival inks
and the grass was stamped in green with various colours for the butterflies.

I coloured in the animals with both watercolour paints and coloured pencils 
to give the effect I wanted.

Coloured the edges with pink and mounted onto a white card blank. 

Hope you like it

Would like to enter it for the following 


Hobby Art Blog Challenge - January -- All creatures great and small.

Just back from a walk down to the phone box
and when was the last time you saw one like this?

Thanks for popping in

Crafty hugs


I am having problems uploading to
Hobby Art blog challenge so will have to send entry by email.