Saturday, 9 January 2016

How a day can change - but still one can smile.

Well how a day can change 

Yesterday's walk was in beautiful weather and today had to dash 
between showers but yes I had a walk.
So far so good on my New Year 's resolution, not that I do them really.

So here are a few photos taken over the last few days, nature is beautiful, even at 
it's worse.

I took  snapshots of the wild flowers alone my walk 

And today flooding down the road.....

Funny old life.

Thanks for popping in and see you All tomorrow

Keep safe, warm and well.

Crafty hugs

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  1. Hello Pen, lovely photos and it looks a realy lovely area to walk in. Amazing to have so many flowers still out in bloom, as you say funny old weather,thanks for shareing these with us, Kate x


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Crafty hugs Pen