Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Afternoon all

Been busy today making cards and here is my worktop  as it is at the moment. 

I have been making background papers with Color Burst - The papers are now dry.

While they were drying I used my Brother Scan N Cut to cut out the shapes you see 
to the left of the picture. 

Great no more using scissors to try to get an even edge. 
I asked the Scan N Cut to give an edge and I was surprised how well all the 
little bits came out. Thanks to the latest update the Brother Scan N Cut 
can now scan coloured pictures. Fantastic. 

All ready to make into New Baby cards. 

I don't know why but feel a bit flat today, 
may be due to the last week of worry. 

Or could it be the rain?

Maybe I should have put my papers out in the rain with inks on.
Wonder how that would work? 

Going to get out the Gelli plate I think and give a try for some more
back ground papers. 

You may see in the back ground of the picture Clarity Stamp Wee Houses
Got in mind a few cards as Welcome New Home. 

Do you, like me, have loads of thoughts going around in your head
as to what to make and create. 
Sometimes I find I get "clogged up " with all the ideas.

And then think things are going wrong.
But as in one of my posts this week - Sometimes good things 
happen when they are mistakes. 

I look forward to another days crafting. 
Best get on with the washing up..... I know what I would prefer to be doing !!!

Got loads to put onto a well known auction site so best think about that 

Thanks for popping in and look forward later to 
pop in to other who have entered the site of WOYWW

Do pop over and have a look on Stamping Ground and see what 
all the fun is about. 

Well thats it for now - given myself some time to think 
and reflect on things.

Crafty hugs 



  1. It looks as if you're having lots of fun with your new piece of equipment Pen. Afraid I'm a techno dinosaur. Barbxx

  2. WOW so much to do...I've been reading about the color bursts, Looking forward to seeing what you do with them.

    Enjoy, Pat #61

  3. Pretty pretty, such a lovely effect! These make me want to get out all the watercolors . . .

    Happy WOYWW to you,
    #60 this week
    with 37 atcs

  4. They sure do make a lovely effect, are the cut images to go on top? I'm sure it's the weather that's making you a bit blue..and come down if you've had a difficult week to process, turn up the radio and sing your head off whilst you do the Gelli thing!

  5. I find myself 'clogged' up sometimes. Too many thoughts/ideas and no clue where to start. Sometimes I sit at my desk and just stare for a while. Having other worries on your mind doesn't help either.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #49

  6. I hope you are feeling less rainy. And I agree - sometimes when things don't turn out like you thought they would - they're even better. :-)
    April #58

  7. Lovely backgrounds - I haven't heard of Color Burst but the effects look similar to Brushos. I love the idea of the Scan N Cut machine but it seems an awfully difficult thing to learn to use, and I'm not the most patient person when it comes to technical equipment! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished tags! Hope you have a great week and much less rain,
    Diana #23

  8. ah you are tiring me Pen with the thoughts running around your head.. :D

    .. but love the sound of the scan and cut didn't know it could do that..

    MM, perhaps I shouldn't know :D Happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x PS thanks for popping over.


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Crafty hugs Pen