Wednesday, 20 January 2016

WOYWW - 364


It was very cold here this morning down to minus 5C however 
been a lovely sunny day. 

Glad to say its been a productive day today, 
in between phone calls and messages.

Its surprising how one feels when things are not as they should be. 
But on reflection one can only do ones best. 

Mum had to have a CT scan on her neck today to see if there 
is a clot there which has been causing her mini strokes. 

Pneumonia too does not help either.

I know that my crafting has been keeping me 
in the right mind set and although one worries 
I keep myself focused on the job in hand.

Stamping Ground - WOYWW - I nearly forgot to take a photo today
so its not really my work surface but a selection of the cards
I have made today...... drying 
waiting to bag up with envelopes for tomorrows 
Coffee Morning up at the village Hall.

A lot of Mens cards are always required - 
may have something to do with mainly WOMEN 
being at the coffee mornings. 

Sorry about the quality of the photo - taken with the lights on and its now 
rather dark. But it gives you an idea. 

Well thats it for now and have a good evening.
I hope the phone wont be going too much tonight.

Crafty hugs 

Thanks for popping in, hope to see you again soon. 

 I have to say its been so nice to receive 
good wishes from all my Blogger friends
it really is appreciated to think that 
you take the time to send me a message 


  1. Oh good to hear that crafting is helping relax your mind, our grown ups are such a worry aren't they! The cars are great, and so much the better that you have a easy market for them. Men's cards are a real problem for me, looks as though you don't have the same trouble!

  2. A lovely selection of cards Pen. Wishing you a peaceful evening and good sales at the coffee morning. Barbxx

  3. Crafting us a good thing to do when life is being stressy..I find it helps when my hands are kept busy. This men cards are great!
    Hugs, LLJ 10 xxx

  4. Nice. I always have such a hard time making 'guy' cards. Happy WOYWW
    April #53

  5. Nice guy cards. Sorry to hear about your mum. It can be such a worry. I hope things work out okay.

    Take care
    Sharon K #52

  6. Sorry to hear about your mother. I hope that the tests reveal what is causing these strokes and that she will soon be on the mend. I think crafting is the best stress buster there is though I'm not sure about making cards for men! Men are seen to be the most difficult to cater for and I'm sure your cards will be snapped up. Hope your mother improves and your week gets better. Hugs, Elizabeth x #48

  7. Hello Pen! I noticed one of your comments on another desker's post that said you were only three weeks in - well, me too - I just had to ensure that I popped over to say hello! :)

    I love the vintage style cards that you've been making - and cards for men too, so difficult!

    Lovely to meet you another newbie!

    Clair @ Obstinate Pursuit
    WOYWW #13

  8. Happy WOYWW. A fab selection of cards. Hope that your mum is ok. Ali x #45

  9. Good that crafting is helping as distraction a little. I hope the tests help to identify what is going on with your Mum. Elaine

  10. Art therapy is always a good thing. Glad to hear there is at least a little progress with your Mum, will keep you both in prayer today.

    Thank you for stopping by this woyww,
    #56 this week

  11. I always get stuck when making cards for men and these are great. Hope everything goes well for your mum. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy crafty woyww, Angela x 15

  12. those cards are awesome, sounds interesting the coffee morning thing.Vicky#66

  13. Hope they find what is wrong with your mum and she gets better, nothing worse than not knowing what ails a loved on.
    Bridget #1

  14. Hope you soon get a positive answer about your Mum's health. It must be very worrying for you. Thank you for your visit and it is good to meet another Groovi fan. It really is a great system. Hope you have a good week. xx Maggie #65

  15. Oh dear how silly I am been using the wrong # number this week.

    Mum still in hospital MRI scan results in , more tests. Not good.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments

    Crafty hugs Pen x #62

  16. Lovely cards! Hope everything is getting better :)

  17. Lovely cards! Hope everything is getting better :)


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Crafty hugs Pen