Wednesday, 9 March 2016

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesay 353

Morning all 

Welcome to my latest follower Karen and I will pop over to see you shortly.

Yesterday went well, and I think everyone enjoyed all my slide shows - I don't know 
where the time went. It just flew past. 
If I am asked to go again I will have to spend a lot of time making new slide shows, 
but I have ideas already ;) ;) 

Now it Wednesday and time to think about WOYWW @ Stamping Ground

I did not get around to playing last week as I was getting over the Kent trip 
from the weekend when I went to see Mum. 

But think I am back to "normal" what ever that is.... 

On my worktop I have some new paints - Gansai Paints. I saw them being demonstrated 
the other day and they looked rather nice. And I am a bit of a glutton for paints. 

New Paper pad - at a bargain price - so had to have it ;) 

Photo of all my paint brushed - yes I use them all. One can never have enough 

Working on some small cards on my background papers - those to do today.

Also I thought for a change I would show you our back garden. Our whole plot where we live is 
half an acre. But Den has his "man cave" which takes up a good part of the land. :)

Before and after. Over the weekend Dennis got his chain saw out and cut down 
our trees. Reason - to bring light to my garden. 

Before we decided to make a veg and flower garden we had over 200 trees.
All planted as tiny tiny trees - about 6 inches high. 

Our plans are to plant fruit trees and some more oak trees in the cleared area. 
The branches which I am sure you can see will be chipped down and I will 
use them in the garden. 

After - still some major work needed !!! 

I will be so pleased once I can get out onto the garden - not today as its so so windy.
The main problem we have at the moment in the garden are MOLES - ever since the railway 
sleepers were put down last year. The sleepers need to be moved and "dug" into the ground on
their sides - a major project for Dennis before the growing season. 

View across the Valley from the side of our Log Cabin. 

Well that's it for today and just maybe I will try my new paints. 

Or do some more crafting - what ever the day brings I know that I for one 
has to make the most of it - as one never knows what is round the corner. 

One of my slide shows was called "Count your blessings" 

Look forward to seeing you again 

Crafty hugs 


  1. Glad your presentation went well. Great job done! Have fun with your new paints and those gorgeous paint brushes!!! Your garden looks great - what a wonderful place to live. No wonder you called one of your slideshows "Count your blessings".
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #1

  2. Just look at those brushes...each and every one with a purpose! Love your plot of land and your garden is just gorgeous with early flowers beginning to bloom! Glenda #36

  3. ok I have to admit, your brushes look so delicious from up high lol Clemencia@41

  4. great picture of your brushes. and wow what a garden, lots and lots of work, not my cup of tea. Happy WOYWW from Vicky#8

  5. You certainly have a large plot of land. Its surprising how quickly things grow, we had to remove quite a few plants from our garden as they outgrew the space.We grow citrus tress in spain, makes lovely marmalade
    Jan no 43

  6. I'm jealous of your paints, they're on my wish list. You're right you can never have too many brushes. You have a beautiful garden, I have garden envy! Have a great day Cara x

  7. Wow, what a lovely garden ánd view you have, but it will be a lot of work indeed to keep it to your likes. I LOVE your bold brushes (and the colors!) Happy woyww and a hug from Holland, Marit #34

  8. Good job on your slides. Nice bunch of pains and brushes. Good luck on your garden.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #38

  9. It looks a nice peaceful spot where you live. I saw those paints demonstrated too. They look good. Barbxx

  10. It looks like you've got a lot of work done in your garden. Hoping Spring arrives soon so we can get to work on ours.

    I love the backgrounds for your cards. The colours are great with the stamps.

    Sharon k #48

  11. Love those art goodies on your desk...those paints look devine, but I am super jealous of allllll those brushes! They look AWESOME! I love brushes! But I am even more jealous of what looks like turns out to be an amazing garden in that FABULOUS view! Oh my goodness how beautiful! I pray your garden is fruitful this year! Blessings, Felicia #63

  12. Oh, those paints look yummy. Totally agree that a girl can never have too many paintbrushes.
    Can't believe the transformation in your garden. Such a lot of work has gone on there.
    Sharon xx #50

  13. Yay on the presentation. I'm never sure if the work I put into one is appreciated. Great new toys. Love paints and brushes -and colors of any media.

    Like you, I am so ready to get into my garden. i am a strawbale gardener and on the hunt for straw bales at a decent price. Moles have been horrid here, too. They say here they are after the grubs... which give us a horrid Asian beetle population. I have a link for a 'safe' mole preventative on my Pinterest board I'm going to try.
    Creative Blessings! Kelly #61


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Crafty hugs Pen