Saturday, 30 April 2016

Watering Can Button flowers

A good morning to you all and its a 
sunny one - so here is a quick blog today as I 
really wish to get out in the garden and or out for a walk
while the sun is shinning. 

Welcome to my new follower Carol  - nice for you to pop over 
and hope you enjoy my blog.

Here is my card today 

A very quick card ... I used Craftwork Cards topper

Used red tape to put ribbon down the side and across the corner
made a ribbon all from Crafty Ribbons stash. 

added buttons to the flowers, and ribbon using 3D gel 

And mounted onto a dotty Craft Work Cards card blank. 

Bingo ....

Button flowers instead of candi flowers in a watering can

I would like to enter it for the following 


The garden is calling me so bye for now 

have a great day and take care

Crafty hugs 

Friday, 29 April 2016

Real leaves - gelli day

Morning all - how are you today? 

I did have a lovely play the other day using the small Gelli plate. 

Some results - not right but some I was really quite pleased with. 

I was thinking along the lines of entering the Craft Barn Challenge 
with Red,white and black.... and using the leaves from my walk. 

And here is my final result

I will show you just a few photos of the process as I got so involved 
with my ideas I forgot to take photos along the way.

Leaves taken off the plate !
 Some results
Using leaves and punchinella waste... trying to give different layers
of colour.....

 Waste rollings from the brayer onto copy paper - more stash for
a later date !

More prints ... ghost images
 Close up of final card mat and layered onto black, white and red card

I discovered that I could use the ink on the fern leaves and still 
make a copy of them using the gelli plate.... rather interesting.

Also a ghost print is just great to keep on working on to give
deeper layers. 

Now my crafty stash is EVEN LARGER !!!

I would like to enter it for the following 

The Craft Barn Challenge - Red white and black

Where the Heart is - 8 - Sparkle and shine / or Anything goes

Thank you for popping in and I look forward to 
seeing you again very soon. 

Mrs Pheasant is now sitting :) 

I would say to any one - have a go with a gelli plate - if in doubt 
have a look on YouTube. 

Well think its a day to do some cooking 

What you ask 

Cakes :) 

Bye for now Have a great day

Crafty hugs 

Thursday, 28 April 2016

Red white and blue

Morning All 

I will post tomorrow about my day with using the gelli plate 
yesterday - still need to work on the finished card.... but just to say I did have fun. :) 

But for today I thought I would show you my new stamps 
from Rubbernecker.

Here is my card

I used the rubber stamps with 2 different blue watercolour pens - giving a big "huff"
and stamped the image onto a scrap of one of my background papers.

Mounted onto a red scrap of card and onto a card blank - note the blue line
around the "topper" I used my watercolour pen to make this.

Added a sentiment which I coloured lightly with red around the edge 
and stitched with red watercolour nib around.
Mounted onto a blank white card. ..... 

Following the theme of Red White and Blue.

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thought I would share with you an update on 
the pheasant 

Here is the nest as of Tuesday maybe you will notice that 
there are more eggs .... !!!

Yesterday we had a shower of hail stones and made the garden all white !!

Best get on and finish my next card from all the gelli card stuff I made yesterday
so much for reducing my stash ..... it has grown rather!!!

Thank you for popping by and I look forward to 
you coming over again. 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Different flowers for WOYWW

Morning all - again I say where does the time go.....

its Wednesday yet again and time for WOYWW
over at 

Here is my photo today - I went for a 2 mile walk "around the block" 
and picked some flowers along the way. 

I was very lucky and Won the 6" Gelli plate from over 
on Art Room Blog many thanks Lee.

Going to have a play with it today using the leaves I picked yesterday. 

I would like to show you my card for today 

Been using up some of my stash and found this which I had started about 
3 months ago! And thought I know just how to use that today.

I had started with Clarity Stamp petal shape inked in black archival inks

 Used Ken Oliver Burst on the paper spraying with water to 
make the background. 

Using red distress inks to colour card blank, found 
scrapes of white and red cards to help mat and layer

Coloured in the flower with red pens to highlight the flower. 

Found some scraps of ribbon to mount onto the sides of the red white mats.
using red tape. 

Final part mat and layer all bibs and bobs together. 

Glad I found a use for my stash again. Is my box of bibs and bobs going down
dont be silly - I just can not throw anything away... how about you? 

So a different flower from the original photo :) 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping over and I really appropriate all 
your lovely comments. 

Will report back with my efforts using the Gelli plate 
over the next few days - all being well - the success and the 
failures ... all a learning curve. :) 

Have a great day 

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Rule Britannia

Well that is most strange - its been snowing here this morning. 

Over the weekend the temperature outside in the sun was 30 C and today 
its a lot colder have not been outside yet...wonder why.

I do hope the pheasant will be ok....

Back to the job in hand. 

Here is my card today 

My thoughts with this card was "I have those lovely ribbons from
Crafty Ribbons - how can I use them"

Well first I stamped the image of the British Isles from Clarity Stamps onto a 
blank white card blank. 

Made a mask so that I could 

colour in the "sea" and a light dusting of green for the land using 
distress inks and my Clarity Brushes.

Added a strip of heart ribbons at the bottom using red tape. 

Made a Red Bus topper from a bit of ribbon - mounted onto blue card and 
added pearl blue drops to the corners.

Added a topper from Craft work cards making the flower red and blue. 

So the theme is Red White and Blue

singing Rule Britannia Britannia rules the waves. 

for the following 


Thank you for popping in.... and while I have been writing this 
blog - the sun is now shinning and looking quite spring like outside. 

I hope to get out for another walk today. 

It is helping and in fact I am pleased to say I have lost 3 lbs  just hope 
it continues. I have not got a goal but to just loose that extra middle 
I seem to have found. 

If I was closed to town I would go to the gym which I did a few years ago
but it was costing so much on fuel I could not continue. 

Its a 14 mile round trip and parking each time.

So I really must use what I have and that is my feet around our lanes. 

Now that I have written this may be just may be I will 

Look forward to hearing from you 

Crafty hugs 

Monday, 25 April 2016

Ribbon curtains

Morning All - well just about. 

Been into town to the Post Office and did my shopping too, made a very early 
start to miss the crowds which worked. 

Here is my card for today 

It is one I have made awhile back but think it will meet with 
the criteria to make a different shaped card. 

I have used Craft work Cards template house card

Covered it with papers from Craftwork Cards, added flowers, butterflies,
and ribbon to the windows. 

Hope you like it - something different - especially for me. :) 

and would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping over to see me

I look forward to seeing you again. 

Here is the photo of the pheasant in the flowers - just in case you could not see it 

Have a great day.....

Crafty hugs

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Its all in the garden

Afternoon all and hope you are having a lovely day. 

Just in from the garden - have sown broad beans today 
so things are on the move. 

But one thing that is rather interesting we have a pheasant nesting 
in our forget-me-nots!! About 2 foot away from our washing line.

Can you spot her ?????

Here are her eggs.....

Now back to my card for today. 

I was lucky to get the special offer from Little Claire and used one 
of my new stamps to make this card. 

I stamped the image onto one of my back ground papers. 

Used cosmic shimmer paints and watercolours to paint in the flowers. 

Mat and layered the topper onto black card and remainder of the background paper

Added a Craftwork Cards sentiment. 

Hope you like it

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping in and hope to see you 

Will show you tomorrow where the pheasant is with an arrow

Good luck in "spot the pheasant" :) 

Bye for now 

Crafty hugs 

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Animal farm

Morning All and thank you for popping by to see me and my blog

The sun is shinning and think I will go out for a walk in a bit so
early this morning with my blog..... shhh dont tell anyone
but I wrote it up yesterday ready for today.

here is my card for today

I have been working on this for sometime on and off trying to get it 
right, think it is right now... well for me anyway. 

For the Clarity Stamp Challenge we had to use Masks, masking,.....

I have used first the Clarity Stamp stencil and taped it down onto 
some white card. 

Then stamped various Wee animals, trees, tractor and birds 
in the shapes of the stencil. Lifting as I went to get them in the right place. 

 Then used masks over the trees, sheep and tractor 
Clarity Stamp brushes brushed in the sky over a cloud mask. 

Made the sky by mixing in various blues and blacks. 

Took off the mask (sorry did not take a photo) 

And continued with the brushes building up the grass areas - giving highlights with 
a makeup sponge to "ground" the animals and making a hill in the background 
with another mask. 

Then went round the edge shapes with a black micro pen. 

Checking as I go to make sure I am happy with the effect. 

Start working on the trees

Trees too light in colour .... so painted in the trees 
with cosmic shimmer paint

Painting in the tractor ....

Missed 2 boxes !!! 

added bright red  "apples" 
to the trees - unfortunately the photo does not show the red apples very well

Also I realised that I had forgotten to put my black pen around 2 boxes once I had mounted
it onto the layers. Funny how you miss things until you come back the
next day.

Used an alcohol marker around the edge with black and mounted the finished 
card onto white card, black card and finally onto a white card blank.

I have to say that I just love these new Wee Farm animals from Clarity Stamps
I can see so many wonderful uses and ideas. Think they will become my
favourite stamps....for now :)

I would like to enter it for the following 


Clarity Stamp Challenge - 38 - Masking

Creative Inspirations - 249 - Your Favourite Things!

Create and Inspire - 44 - anything goes

Ribbon Girls - April - Any image

Best get on with the day.... just off into the garden while the
sun is shinning. I do find I always feel better if I am out in the

So bye for now and thanks for popping by
and see you tomorrow hopefully :)

crafty hugs