Wednesday, 13 April 2016

WOYWW - 358

Morning all

Been shopping this morning and have pegged out the washing. 

Boy we had a terrific thunder and lightening storm yesterday afternoon. 

Did you? 

Well its Wednesday again, I am sure the time is going quicker than it should 
today I will try to pop over to see you on your 
WOYWW day and last week I have to say I had my mind on other things

Here is a photo of my work top last night 

I had an order from my cousin for 5 cards which was lovely of her 
and they are in the post today.  They are all different but the same....

And here is my "work" for today. I have been working on the 
Clarity Stamp Calendar challenge - the one with the birds.

And used the paint from brayer onto a sheet of card and used a new 
stamp "rain-drops" from !!!

Well I am glad that yesterday is over

 its good news from the Dr who I saw at the hospital. 

I have a seborrhoeis keratoses which is a growth of cells on the skin
which get larger and are not malignant. 

I suppose my Dr was just being rather cautious to say to me it was 
a form of skin cancer. But I can say I was worried. 

I am now waiting for an appointment to have the lump removed.

Here is a photo of the storm yesterday, we were sitting on our 
to be veranda watching the storm as it progressed over the area. 

It was, in a strange way, nice to relax and watch nature at its "best"
as one could say just what the Dr ordered ? 

The strange thing is - the storm never got to us - just the noise and 

Out into the garden in a bit to enjoy the sunshine, with my hat on and 
with my arms covered :) 

Enjoy your day 

Crafty hugs 


  1. Hi Pen, lovely cards, and so pleased that it was good news, and not cancer, Kate x

  2. Hi Pen, first I'm so glad it was good news yesterday. I love your little cats and dogs cards. Sure your cousin will love them. Your Clarity challenge piece looks fantastic. Those birds are gorgeous and I love your colours. Barbxx

  3. ah downunder, Pen, we had a cracker of storm and first time this year we have had over an inch of rain, we had nearly two inches but not quite. In Jan one day we had nearly and inch and one in Feb.. but that's it!
    Has been very dry was so glad to have this lot going to weed tomorrow or that is the plan!
    I have sun keratoses too they can grow big so good to have it off. Had two off last time I went that were similar, not quite healed.
    have that raindrop stamp neglected too, you're doing well with it!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x # 20

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  4. Hi Pen, good news from the Doc. I do love the Designs by Ryn stamps- she has a number of droplet/rain stamps which have all finally found themselves at home with me, lol. There is a whole A4 sheet of them. Glorious shot of your weather yesterday. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #3 xxx

  5. Glad you had good health news. Your cards are fabulous and love your current work as well. Great sky photo too. Happy Wednesday, #40 LisaDV

  6. I love watching storms. Like an energy charge for me.. especially if there is a good wind in the mix. Glad the skin news is much better than anticipated. Your cards are so cute. I love that image and the backgrounds are perfect fit. Thanks for bopping by already, Pen. Creative Blessings! Kelly #43

  7. What great news that it wasn't as serious as originally thought. Those cards are adorable! Love the splattered effect. I'm glad we missed the storm. It's been wonderful here today and I've been in the garden so excuse my Late arrival at your blog. Elaine no. 51

  8. Nothing quite like a good thunderstorm. I love watching them.
    Love the water droplet stamp.
    Happy WOYWW!
    Tertia #44

  9. Love your little collection of cards, the black is really emphasised against the colourful background. I love the little pink birds too - very pretty work.
    Happy WOYWW,
    Diana #19

  10. So pleased that it was good news at the hospital, hearing that has made my day. Love your crafting, but will you please stop mentioning things that I then become desperate to buy? Take care, Cara x

  11. Cool cards! Did you use Color Burst to color? And glad that the growth isn't cancer and can be removed! Thanks for the visit and hope your week goes great!
    Carol N #34

  12. Such precious cards! Glad to hear that all is well.
    Wishing you a creative fun week to come... hope to see you next week again at WOYWW♥
    MiSchra ♥ #42

  13. Missed the thunderstorms here in Surrey luckily.. Glad you have good news from the Dr. Love the cards. I was going to say are they brushos?! Helen #1

  14. Glad to hear the good health news. What a relief that must be.

    Love the cards! So cute.

    My Mum said they had some pretty bad storms in Ipswich, where she is. Quite scary.

    Have a great week
    Sharon K #36

  15. So pleased for you it must be a relief to know things are ok. Great cards

  16. Hope you had a nice day in the garden, and such good news from the specialist. Love your commisioned cards. Happy WOYWW Vicky#9

  17. SO happy for your great news! Lovely cards!!!
    Happy Creating to you!
    Kim #65

  18. Hi Pen! Lovely projects! Great background for the cards and I really like your bird canvas. I bet you're relieved about the skin thing - one can never be too cautious. I have a strange rash that needs to be looked at too. Thanks for visiting earlier. Have a lovely weekend! zsuzsa #32

  19. Gorgeous looking cards in the making there and what a fantastic picture of the storm :-)
    So pleased your added 'friend' is not the big C... let's hope they take him away really soon :-D

    IKE xxxx


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