Thursday, 19 May 2016

A is for .......

Afternoon to you - 

hope you are well and enjoying your day. 

Been to the Village Hall this morning which was nice. 

Been working on several projects all at the same time yesterday 
but here is my entry for the 

I had several ideas as to what to do with the letter A and came 
up with the following for my tag to follow the theme of using Tags for this 

A is for Acorn..... I have a lovely stamp from Clarity Stamps

and thought great. 

First I coloured the background with three different inks - maybe this should 
be A for Abstract ? :) 

Then stamped in black the image - 

and used my watercolour pencils 
to colour in and then used an almost dry paint brush to blend 
the image. 

Hope you like it.

Well think I will spend the afternoon in my crafty space 
using my watercolour paints....just feel I need some time to 
relax .... will probably end up with MUD :)

Been bit of a stressful day or so.... 

problems with an order I placed via a usually very Good New TV Channel...

 ... had a phone call late last night... they were told only last night that part of the order is missing....
as it is no longer available !!!!

They offered a part refund, I negotiated the refund as the first offer was unacceptable ...

however I was unable to cancel the order ...
the "manufacturer of the goods " had already sent the other items from their warehouse

BUT ...yes you have guessed....

looks like it is DPD have not received it "dispatched" 11th May 2016.

Ok I know all of this is not life threatening but it does wind me up.... !!!

Got that off my chest - thanks for listening

Have a good day and catch up with you again. 

Love all your comments 

Crafty hugs 


  1. Hi Pen great tag love the colours in the background and the stamp. It is so annoying when a company lets you down in your case 2, the channel and DPD?? my son had a large order go missing from DPD several hundred pounds worth of goods, they at least had scanned them into their system and admitted liability for the loss, it's such a hassle though and like in your case some items were no longer available at the price he ordered at.

  2. A lovely tag Pen. I love the colours and that stamp is lovely. Perhaps tomorrow will be a better day. Barbxx

  3. Lovely tag. Sorry to hear you've had delivery issues, hope the rest of the week is better. Hugs, Cara x

  4. Beautiful colours on your tag Pen and it's a lovely design, hopefully tomorrow will be less stressful, Kate x

  5. I really like you tag. You must have a stamp for any and everything. I'm certainly impressed.

    Sorry about your problem. Stress can certainly keep you out of sorts. It's good that you have your art to keep you calm.

  6. Sorry to hear about your parcel problems, it can be so annoying. Your tag is lovely and colourful and you have chosen a great word.

  7. What a great abstract background and great acorns too!

  8. Fab tag! Love the clean strong colours. So irritating when something goes missing - it may still turn up, as I had a parcel that took over 2 weeks to arrive. Goodness knows where it had been all that time!

  9. Love the colours in your background, great tag! You have my sympathy dealing with orders going wrong... it's both annoying and time consuming, really not what you're after when shopping!

  10. Great tag, love that rainbow background and your acorns are coloured perfectly.
    Your story of the missing delivery is so annoying. You'd think in this day and age, with all the technology we have, that sorting out something like this should be straightforward. Maybe it will turn up. Take a deep breath and do some more crafting!

  11. A lovely tag, with great colours. I did acorn as well.

  12. A lovely bright, cheerful tag.

  13. A lovely bright tag. That's a lovely acorn stamp and works beautifully with the background x

  14. Beautiful, bright, colourful tag, thank you for entering The Craft Barn Challenge.
    Jane x


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Crafty hugs Pen