Monday, 13 June 2016


Morning all 

Hope you had a great weekend. 

I am going to show some photos today, for a change. 

At our Village Hall on Saturday we had an afternoon of 
Celebrations for the Queens Birthday. 

It started at pm and finished at 9.30 pm 

We had games of the field and a Bring and Share Tea followed by 
a BBQ in the evening. 

So here are a few photos 

 Roll the dice and get a 6 - into the center dress up and eat chocolate !!!

Spin a ball in the hoop !!!

Into the Village Hall for Tea

Walk home down the lane and the cows wanting to know whats going on. !!!

Have a good day and see you tomorrow.

I just have to mention .....

My thoughts go out to all those in Orlando today. 

What is the world coming too with this and all the fighting at the football matches. 

I do not follow football but it is terrible there is all these problems

Life is too short. 

Bye for now


  1. Great photos and lovely to see a community celebrating together. Cara x

  2. I was impressed by all the activities over the Queen's birthday, but her birthday is in April, so I don't understand why the entire country is celebrating it now. I DO love the photos of the community coming together, young and old, enjoying the day together, though. It was fun to see how events are celebrated across the pond.

    I agree about the horrible tragedy in Orlando. ANY hate crime should never be tolerated! Thanks for sharing that in your post today.


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