Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Afternoon all 

How are you today? Been out shopping first thing this morning but the 
big new is that my Daughter Kathy is 39 years old today. 

Where does the time go. 

I had a "brain wave" while shhh... in the bath last night 
for the Challenge "Dog under the Sea"

Just had to give it another try :) 

So here is my card today. 

I started off stamping the dog onto a scrap of white card. 

Then around him stamped the scene.... of the under sea world using 
Hobby Art Stamps. 

Made little fish by hand with a black pen and added bubbles for air.

I have tried to make him look as if he is swimming - 


I would like to enter it for the following 


Here is the fruit I picked yesterday 

How many different fruits can you see.....

Does not look like I will be out in the garden today the weather has changed 
feeling rather cold and the heavens have opened. 

So think it is an afternoon in doors. 

Look forward to seeing you and thank you for your 
wonderful comments since I started my blog. 

Not sure where the time goes especially seeing it is my 
eldest daughters birthday !!

Crafty hugs 


  1. Pen a nice selection of fruit there. I wonder what you will make with all that?
    I love your dog under the sea card, following the brief perfectly. What a strange brief!
    I love how you have created the underwater theme.

    Hugs Erika. x

  2. Great card Pen the dog looks as though he is enjoying himself on the sea bed

  3. Mmmm I feel the need for a summer pudding coming on. Wonder if I could persuade hubby that there's no strawberries (or poisonberries as he calls them) in it? Actually, stuff that, I just have the perfect excuse to scoff the whole thing myself! Might have to make it like they did where I used to work, in layers in a tray rather than a bowl... Whoops, sorry started waffling on then! Can you tell I've not had tea yet!? Love the card, I did laugh out loud at the dog fish! Cara x

  4. Such a cute pup! He looks like he's running along the bottom of the ocean having a wonderful time! Fab crop of fruit you have their too! There's a great recipe for gooseberry and elderflower jam on if you find yourself with too many to fit in to a summer pudding!! Lou x

  5. Can't believe you had enough oomph for a 2nd go at this challenging challenge!
    If it was me I'd be turning those lovely berries in a delicious compote instead of crafting... the stuff!

  6. Goodness, you're a glutton for punishment with second entry! Another lovely scene.

    Oooo! love gooseberries but never seem to see them for sale these days.

  7. Lovely scene and your cute doggy looks like he's having a wonderful time. Hugz


Your views and comments are appreciated . I look forward to your visit again.

Crafty hugs Pen