Wednesday, 31 August 2016

getting late

Evening all 

Not sure what but the whole day has been a day of things 
going wrong.

Had go town first then home and down hill front that. Father came round, Dens father, with his driving licence and would not believe it was an old one.
only one I have , date of expiry 2007. But found on line yes he has an up to date
one, so he needs to go and find it before we can see
if he can get a blue card.

Then ordered something for Den and then could not log on again to check on order.
Had to phone up.

modern things. 😠

But on a lovely note my prize from Di over at Pixies snippets arrived today with a lovely wee card. Just beautiful. 😀
Thank you.

Also my winning voucher from Barbara Gray for my winning 
Team GB card.

will enjoy spending that.
Hope fully these photos will work taking them off my tablet for tonight.

Mr pheasant walking near to the peas 

Must try and do a painting of this bird.

Well it's getting on now, not working too well trying to download off the tablet
but a few photos taken over a year daffodils   and harvest.

So will say that's it for now and tomorrow is another day.

Crafty hugs


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Time in the garden Bank holiday

Afternoon all 

Where does the time go...nearly forgot my post for today

Here is my card for today

I have the theme in mind from The Craft Barn 

What men like to do on Bank Holidays

Well I think it would be nice to be here in the picture and sit with the man 
I love, in the garden enjoying the sunshine on a Bank Holiday. 

Well I would have a cuppa tea and leave the bubbly for Den....

But see that present - I wonder what that will be.. ????  hope it would be 
chocolates :) 

I have used Hunkydory kit to make this - topper onto a card stock onto a shimmer 
green coloured card blank. 

Anyway I would like to enter if for the following 


An interesting note today on the words for the day 

"when I withdraw and isolate, I feel that I am in a void where my chattering, crowded head is my sole companion" 

This is how I feel at times when things are getting too stressful, isolate. 

But with my need to write my blog each day I feel that if nothing else I am 
not alone. 

Thank you for popping in today and hope all is well with you today..

crafty hugs 

Monday, 29 August 2016

Sparkle Trees

Afternoon all and hope you are having a good 
Bank Holiday Monday. 

The sun is shinning here today although there was thick fog / mist this 

Den has been busy using a strimmer around out patch and found another 
pheasants nest in the deep grass, only empty shell there but its so nice 
to have so much nature around. 

Now for my card for today. 

I started off with a background paper which I had painted with "waste" paints from my brush to 
create the background. 
I had used the colours on another project and to use clean up the paints
from my brush 
I painted them onto a large piece of paper.

Cutting it down to a 6" x 6" size (still some to use for another time) 

The paints I used were starlight from Imagination Crafts 

I then used the stencils from Imagination Crafts to make the trees and 
Merry Christmas sentiment. 

Mounted onto a snippet of gold mirri from my stash card onto white card blank. 

I would like to enter the following 


Well I suppose I had best get a bit of fresh air and go out into the
Feeling somewhat better today, I am glad to say, had long chat with 
Mum about "stuff" and think this has helped us both. 
I still feel low but not as bad as yesterday. 

Got to sort out some cards which I need to get into the post tomorrow
while on my shopping run. 

Thank you for dropping over to see me and for your lovely 
comments. I really appreciate your love and thoughts. 

Crafty hugs 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

My garden

Good afternoon all 

Just a quite post today thought I would share with you 
some of my photos which I took yesterday

Been bit down today - but this too shall pass....

so to brighten up my day here are some flowers

Yes Sunflowers - I bought seed from the pet shop just a handful of 
sunflower seeds. So much cheaper that "proper" seed.

Plant them thick and see what happens.

And here is the results. 

One of our Rowan Trees - grown for the birds
The blackbirds just love these trees.

Den coming home with some logs for our boiler which supplies our 
hot water and underfloor heating. 

There just something different today.... 

I know why I am feeling like I am .... not a lot I can do about it.... as it is 
due to things that are out of my control. 

but to accept the things (person) I can not change, and accept the things I can, 
and know the difference 

it is not me but them 

So will carry on with my crafting and bounce back 

Crafty hugs 

Saturday, 27 August 2016

H is for Hummingbird

Morning and only just. 

Got the bread cooking this morning and finally the sun is out so think 
it will be out into the garden soon. 

Going to have a look at my new sewing machine later. Just finishing off 
the anniversary cards which I have been asked to make.
Also a few Thank you cards. 

So here is my project for today.

H is for ....... Hummingbird

Keeping with the theme of using tags I stamped onto an already inked

tag, a hummingbird from Designs by Ryn 

Then I used my Derwent watercolour pencils to colour in the bird. 

Then I noticed a "flower" in the corner and made all the petals with the pencils. 

Added the definition  I hope you like it 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping in today. 

Have a great day and weekend. 

Mmmmm the malt bread is smelling lovely just another 15 mins to bake. 

Making me feel hungry..... 

Interesting proverb I read yesterday was "Never think that still water doesn't have crocodiles!
an Indonesian proverb. 

As the next part said - just because someone is quiet doesn't mean that there is not a lot 
going on inside. 

Think this is me I am usually very quite in my views and thoughts but I have 
a lot going on in my head. 

When I was a child (many years ago) I did not have many friends, as I was so "shy" 
being unable to express myself, or so I thought. 

However maybe, for me it is best to think, and listen than to take the "stage"
like a few people I know.... as I know I would not like to be in their heads. 

Boy that was profound .... best go away now and have a think :) 

Have a lovely day 

Crafty hugs 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Oldie Friday - sun is out too

Afternoon or is it evening now as it has gone 
past 6pm? 

Been a lovely warm / hot day here and out in the garden much of the day. 

Dug out the "hot bin" compost bin so the birds are singing and eating all the worms. 

Have I told you I have 2 wormeries ? That is a home for worms, if you do not know
I feed them with the household scraps and they eat, breed and be merry. 

Had them for the last 3 years and boy what a lot of compost I get from them. 

Now I thought as I have been busy in the garden I would just 
show some oldies today to make a visit over at Erika's 
so enjoy looking back and seeing how I have changed my style..... !!!

Hopefully it is for the good.

New baby  made with tattered lace dies 

And a couple of my photo cards that I do.... 

Close up of a bee - just like the ones all over the flowers today. 
Seen so many bees today a real joy. 

And an Exmoor Pony 

Well best dash got the runner beans and potatoes on the boil. 

Thank you Mrs A for your suggestion about my sewing machine.
Not yet opened the box - that is for tomorrow. 
Today was far too good to be indoors. 

Have a lovely evening 

Thank you for popping in today.

Crafty hugs 

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Anniversary flowers Kaleidoscope butterflies

Evening all rather late for me.

Been on a bit of a roll today, got anniversary cards to make.
Criteria flowers, hearts and lovey duvvie 

So here is one of the cards which can have hearts and sentiment 
added if this one is suitable.

I have used Hunkydory Simmering pearl kit to make this.

Bit difficult to take a photo, as you will see it has acetate and a folded

with flowers and kaleidoscope butterflies.

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 

Thank you for popping in tonight and thank you 
for your lovely comments. 

Think I needed that day yesterday of getting no were as today has 
been very productive.

Oh and good news my new sewing machine has arrived today.
All singing electronic Brother sewing  machine 😀 now have my Singer machine to sell
have offered it to my girls but my eledest does not seem to have the time to 
use one and still waiting for my other daughter to come back to me.

Think I may try selling on Facebook before Ebay and see if 
someone local is in need of my machine???

Still in good working order I have to say too. 

Must go now as Holby is on shortly 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Floral thanks

Afternoon all, been a busy morning doing nothing if you know what I mean? 

Had a sort out of my "stash" which seems to be all over the place, in the bedroom, in the craft area, and in the utility room.... think I must start to use some of it up very soon. 

I want to start to do some sewing so there may be a slight change in my posts, 
if I get the bug to blog about my sewing.... we will see. 

Here is my card for today. 

I found it half started or is it half finished was a continuation of my blue card the other 
day and thought I would try another colour. 

So finished it off today. 

I have used white stamping card to stamp the flowers all over AlteNew stamps and inks

Stamped a label sentiment 

Added a matching card blank and mounted onto cream card blank.

I think I will make a set of these cards as Thank you cards in different colours. 

Well that is it for now and would like to enter it for the following 


Best dash as I can smell the cake needs to come out the oven. 

Runner beans to pick along with the beetroot, lettuce and carrots. 

Have a great day 

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Team GB and butterflies

Morning all 

What a beautiful day today - the sun is out  and it is warm. Funny how the days seem
to be different each day. 

My heart  goes out to those who have been lost due to the weather, the men who have 
been swept off the cliffs and drowned. 

Do you remember many years ago there use to be adverts on the TV telling the 
"tourists" of the dangers of the sea. Or am I dreaming? 

Well good news first I was a joint winner with Donna over at 

with this 

Really quite chuffed. 

But back to the main topic of today my card

I have used Kanban shaped silver edged card blank with flower on

added the toppers and then added Vanilla coloured butterflies. 

Found a sentiment in my stash. 

Just love the back of the card too. 

Easy card but really effective I think 

So I would like to enter it for the following 


Think the garden is calling me now - so best get out in the sun while I can. 

Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from you again. 

No further news about Mum and the bath, yet. 

Stroke Nurse yesterday told Mum that she is doing too much and she will never
get better if she continues to do so much. 

We will see....

Hay ho off I go 

Crafty hugs 

Monday, 22 August 2016

Painted flower burst

Morning all - thank you for coming by to see me today. 

Bit of a miserable day here again - cold and wet but I have to say the 
runner beans are growing. Can not keep up with them so a load is going 
in the freezer today - for chutney later. 

Marrow and ginger jam being made today.  All go - hahaha

Now here is something different 

Just for you -  painted flower. 

I have used a snippet of watercolour paper and just used my 
new Derwent pencils and blocks to make this. 

Great item -- make your mark on the paper and set the paint with water. 
I gather you can use them on fabric ???

I mounted the watercolour paper onto a snippet of green card from my stash 
and used those peel off for the sentiment. 

Mounted onto a white hand made card blank. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following


Hope you have a good day and look forward to hearing from you
Sorry if I do not reply in person to everyone but you are in my thoughts. 

I really appreciate your comments. 

Mum today is having the Stroke Nurse over to see her and Mum is still talking about 
having a "bath". So thank you Cara for your advice which I passed on to Mum yesterday
(hope she will remember). I also suggested that she tried having a bath at West View ( an integrated nursing home) to see if she can get in and out of the bath. Or try fully clothed in her spare 
bath with the aid of the carers. I am sure she will not be able to get up from a lying position 
once she is down, let alone get back onto one of those "belt" thingys which she is still 
talking about. 

Well we will see...... !!!!

Best go now and get on with that jam. 

Crafty hugs 

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Imagine that

Good afternoon all - thank you for dropping in to my blog 

The weather has turned here now, even the heating came on this morning 
due to the temperature. Must be time for my thermals, well lets face it 
I tend to wear them all year round....

Well here is my project for today sorry about the angle here it is square !!! 

I have followed the instructions, as best I can, with the 
Clarity Calendar challenge for this month. 

Although I used a stencil for the image as I did not have the stamp.

I used stencil card for this :) 

However I think it has worked well. 

So I would like to enter it for the following 


Well best get on beginning to feel a bit cold here sitting at the computer.

Wish the warm / hot weather would come back. 

Hope you are having a good day and look forward to 
seeing you again. 

Crafty hugs 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Flamingo Roses

Well it is now evening and I am not sure where the time has gone 
today. !!!

I suppose it has been in doing housework and crafting. Quite a productive 
day in all ways. 

Here is my card for today which I made.

I have used the AlteNew blog inspiration theme to make this card using the colours of the 
birds for the roses. 

I have used AlteNew stamps with their inks. 

Stamped onto a scrap of card the roses and cut them out. (see in picture) 

Then on a scrap of yellow card put 2 base flowers on and then added the leaves.

Mounted onto a pink / salmon / flamingo coloured card onto a cream 
card blank.

Then mounted the cut out roses on the card layering them up as shown below.

It took a bit of time for me to cut the roses out by hand - and just to finish them off
I added a hint of ink to the edges.

Added a Congrats sentiment from the AlteNew Label collection to the card.

Really like how the colours have blended together.

I hope you like my card and would like to enter it for the following


Altenew Blog Challenge - August

Allsorts Challenge - 377 - Fabulous Florals

Thank you for popping in and I look forward to seeing you again.

Did you watch that fantastic match on the Olympics final and the Hockey?

I have to say although, as you know, I have terrible memories of hockey from school,
I have to say I really enjoyed the match. And our girls UK did so well getting Gold.

Well the Olympics are nearly over and so we will be looking forward to
the Paralympics in September.

Enjoy your evening

Crafty hugs


Friday, 19 August 2016

Blue is the colour

Good afternoon all and thank you for popping in to 
see me today. 

How are you today? 

I have been busy first thing this morning 
baking bread and sorting out a Christmas present I have been asked to 
make.... getting there

But here is my project for today.

Blue I would say IS the colour !!!

I have used AlteNew Painted Flowers and Label stamps for this
And the little pots of blue AlteNew inks

I just love the AlteNew Painted Flower stamps as they are just great to
make your flowers look so real.

Started off with a 6 x 4 white card and stamped the flowers and leaves all over
the card. Changing the direction of the base stamp as I went.

Cut down and mounted onto blue card and onto a white card blank.

Added a stamped Just for you sentiment from the Label stamps using
a blue to match

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the


The Craft Barn Challenge - Blues

Sweet Stamping Challenge - Use your favorite stamp

Thank you for popping in.

Bread is out of the bread maker and the smell here is just lovely.

Here is an oldie for Erika's blog

How things have changed is all I can say :)  This card I made over 18 months ago.

Always good to see how things have changed ( of course so long as it is for the best)

Best dash so bye for now

Crafty hugs


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Cat in a cup

Well a very good afternoon to you all today. 

Where has the time gone again....??? 

Busy morning up at the Village Hall Coffee Morning so I suppose I have an 
excuse as to why not much has happened this morning. 

Been busy putting things onto Ebay to sell so fingers crossed for that. 

Now for my card today 

Been making cats and dog cards over the last few days 
and here is one for today. 

I have used Hunkydory Paws items for this card

Not much I can say about making it 

But think it is rather cute. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Well that is it for now. 

Have a lot going on at the moment - still rather worried 
but this too shall pass. 

Glad I have my crafting 

Time for a cuppa now I think and watch the Olympics. 

Did you watch the hockey last night? It takes me back to when I was at school, 
what a dangerous game it is.... I nearly had my elbow broken by those "jolly hockey sticks"

Thank you for popping in 

and hope to see you tomorrow. 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Flowers on canvas

Good morning all 

Not so warm today as it was yesterday - in the sun in our garden it got up to 
over 45 c !!!

Too hot to be in the garden but a nice day to dry the washing. 

Thank you for your very kind comments about my work it really is appreciated and 
a great boost for me at this time. 

Not sure where the time is going .... so here is my project for today

I made this with Summer florals in mind 

Note how the paints shimmer in the light - hopefully you can see this - 
the colours change in the light 

Started with a white canvas board !!!

Covered it with black gesso and then started with my design. 

Using acrylic paints used the IndigoBlu laurel leaf stamps and stamped around the 
edges with different colours - waiting for the paints to dry and adding more 
colour and texture. 

Painted the now black canvas with shades of blue acrylic Dyna paints

First stamping with the leaves 

Stamped butterflies into the background 

For the flowers I used snippets from the front paper from IndigoBlu 
and die cut out the flowers using Tattered Lace dies. 

Added gold dots to the centers of the flowers.

Then stamped a butterfly onto paper and coloured in with the paints. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


I do seem to be in the mood for making projects with canvas at the moment

It is great fun. 

Have a go, if you have not tried it yet. 
What have you got to loose... nothing as you can always go over with gesso again 
and start again .... fantastic. 

Must go now - have a great day 

Crafty hugs