Friday, 30 September 2016

Christmas Past and Oldie

Morning all and what a sunny one it is too. 

Been sorting out "stuff" today amazing how therapeutic it is but before I get 
too carried away here is my card for today. 

I have used Imagination Crafts stamp and stamped onto white card with black ink. 
Used a distress ink to make the colour around the edge and added Tonic glitter to the snow. 

Mounted onto a snippet of red card and added with red tape a snippet of ribbon 
from Crafty Ribbons 

Added a few "button" Nuvo drops 

Then mounted the topper onto a Craftwork Christmas card blank. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


We are off the the Village Hall Harvest Festival Meal tonight which will be nice as there 
will be no cooking for me tonight. 

It is Friday (as you know) and so it is share an oldie over at Erika's 

So here is it using Hobby Art Stamps and making my own backgrounds 

Time for me to peg out the washing and maybe get a bit of gardening done.???

Thursday, 29 September 2016

X is for ......

Hi there how are you today? 

Thank you for popping in today nearly the end of another month - where does the time go?

Heavy rain again here last night but must get out into the garden to 
pick the raspberries. 

Here is my tag for today keeping with the theme of tags for The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge
(my theme I hasten to add not theirs) 

The letter this time is X - what a difficult one to think about but I had a bit of 
a brain storm and remembered something to do with Science. 

So here is my tag

I used one of my mopped up paint tags to draw the x-chromosomes on and used 
alcohol pens to colour in and drew in the strands of DNA.

Added the definition 

Something different today. 

Not a lot I can say about the tag really but hope it is OK

Saw this on the Hunkydory web site 

Another thought today is "always strive to work through every issue if you can"

I am not sure that I do that everyday. I find my time just going so quickly that I keep on 
turning round and another month / year has gone. 

However so long as I do what I need to do, and I am happy what more do I wish for. 

No Village Hall Coffee morning today so have the morning at home. 

Got the Harvest Festival Meal on Friday evening - yes that is tomorrow see what I mean.
Think so far there are about 35 - 40 of us going. 
So no cooking tea tomorrow. 

Well best get on - sun is out at the moment so best get to pick any raspberries I can find. 

Have a great day and catch up with you tomorrow. 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

White on white

Morning all 

Hope you are having a good day and the sun is shining where you are. 

Here is my card for today.

I have used an embossed card blank from Craftwork cards

And die cut out the butterflies from white shimmer paper using Crafters companion 
Butterfly Lullaby collection. 

I tried out my Todo machine today .... need a bit more practice with it but 
I am looking forward to foiling with it. 

Anyway back to the card sprinkled a selection of butterflies onto the card 
added Nuvo Drop eyes and a sentiment. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Thank  you for popping over and leaving your comments which 
I read every day and really appreciate your thoughts. 

Have a great day 

Hope to get out in the garden later - not too warm outside and still 
a little rain but fingers crossed. 

Look forward to hearing from you again 

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Cakes for tea

A very good evening to you all this Tuesday. 

How has your day been? Mine has been OK, shopping first thing this morning, 
and pottering around today at home. 

Thank you to all those who left their thoughts about the Proverb I left about Money and "life"
it certainly gave food for thought.... did it not? 

Well today I have made this card with snippets from my stash. 

I found a piece of corrugated cardboard with a pattern of dots on and cut that to size.

Then rummaged in my ribbon stash and found a few strips of ribbon to use. 

Used up the end of a red tape roll !!

And added it all together onto a Craft work Cards spotty card blank. 

Added a sentiment from my box of bibs and bobs with gems from the bottom of my tub!!

All in all came together quite nice with an added pink bow. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Wonder why all day it rains and then in the evening the sun decides to come out?

Fingers crossed that tomorrow the weather will be better and I get a chance to get 
out in the garden. There is loads now to tidy and to put in the compost bin. 

Just caught up watching Victoria .... get programmes but wonder if it has 
been dramatised for TV. Mum was saying she would not watch it as Victoria was 
"not a good Queen - giving a Cow a name she had given to one of her Children"??

Not sure if that is right - but would I feel bad to have an animal named after me? 
Would I feel it wrong, or being nasty? 

What do you think.. ? 

Anyway best dash.
Take care and chat tomorrow. 

Crafty hugs 


PS.... forgot to welcome my new followers which I see have joined.
Thank you and look forward to your continued visits.


Monday, 26 September 2016

Robins are red

Good Morning all and thanks for popping in today.

Bit cold and rather wet here this morning - think I will have to put the heating on
or start running around the house. 

I thought I would share this card I have made with you today. 

I have used my new Penny Black stamp to make this card

Stamped with black archival ink and then used masking fluid to blank out the trees.

Using distress inks coloured the background sky and hills. 

Rubbed off the masking fluid and just gave a little colour to the trees. 

Then the robin I coloured in with watercolour pencils. 

Just love this - mounted onto black card onto a white card blank. 

Was wondering about a sentiment but think this card says it all and there is always the 
inside to put Happy Christmas :) 

I would like to enter it for the following 


I had a lovely time seeing my family yesterday. 

An interesting Proverb today

"Make some money, but don not let money make you" a Tanzanian proverb. 

I have seen, and know, so many people who work work work for those holidays, 
material items, and have NO time to enjoy life.  It would not suit me. 

To me so long as I have a bed to sleep in at night, I am warm, and have food 
on the table, then I am happy. I am happy living with Den, in a wonderful 
place here in North Devon, living a "simple" life.... 

Another old saying is "Money is the root of all evil" 

but also "Money makes the world go round"

What are your views.... todays reading made me think... and to thank
my blessings for what I have .... not what I desire ... but to accept what I need...

Anyway enough of my rambles today.

If you like Altenew stamps pop over to C&C and have a look got some great prices. 

Have a good day.... 

Crafty hugs 


Sunday, 25 September 2016

In the garden

Good afternoon all - hope you are having a lovely day. 

We have been over to see my Grandson Farran, her Mum Kathy and hubby Chris 
for a big breakfast and birthday cake for pudding. 

Lovely couple of hours. 

Now back and thought I would share my card for today with you. 

I started with one of my papers from my stash....

I made a whole load of gelli prints a few months ago using real fern leaves to make the images.
The Yellow and Green papers were not quite what I wanted so went for the red one. 

You can see that I have used punchinella off cut to make the circles. 

So with a Red fern leaf piece of paper I then stamped the Allium Clarity Stamps 
over the design. 

Mounted onto green card to make the red pop having used a black pen around the finished cut 
down card. 
And finally mounting onto a white card blank.

Rather pleased how a scrap / snippet of card can make a brand new design. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for popping in and thank you so much for  your comments 
so have a great rest of the day and I will catch up tomorrow
with more thoughts and crafting all being well. 

Crafty hugs 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Bottles and a pint

Morning all 

thought I would get  in early today and do my blog before the day starts. 

Here is my card which I made yesterday. 

I have used Card-io stamps to make this card stamping in various colours
mounting onto snippets of green card 
onto a Craftwork Cards Dotty Card blank. 

Bottles and a pint just right for the man in your house. 

The glass I cut out in card and mounted onto the stamped image 
as I wanted the leaves behind the glass. Just gave the white card a hint of 
colour to look like it was full with cider. 

Has to be cider as we live in West Country :) 

Then I have added a sentiment from Pollyanna Pickering. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you to those who commented yesterday about my concerns and Mums 
new chair. I have spoken to her and she is determined to have it. 

So not much more I can do about it. 

All I can do is to best I can ... with the information I have. 

So once again thank you 

Have a great day and see you tomorrow 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Friday, 23 September 2016

Washing line teddy

Morning all 

Bright and sunny here today, just back from town. Nothing exciting 
but to go to the bank and walk round the market. 

We have a Fruit, Veg and local produce market on a Friday in town. 
All I got was 2 lbs of plums. 

Anyway lets get back to my card for today. 

I have used Craftwork Cards items to make this Washing Line of House hold products.

I fussy cut out the items even the little pegs. 

I used backing papers again from Craftwork Cards - drew in a washing line and 
hung the Baby items on the line. 

I would like to enter it for the following


Just had a bit of a blow shall I say - not that I can really do anything about it - 
Mum has made up her mind to buy something which I am not sure is necessary

An Orthopedic massage reclining chair.... this has come out the blue so to speak
she did not mention anything like this when we were there over the weekend. 

Feel maybe she has been pursued by "hard sell" will talk to her in a bit
once the Sales man has left, as she would not talk while he was there. 

If Mum had not got all her "marbles" I would be most worried but she is 
fully capable of making up her own mind. 

Anyway got that off my chest.... sure it will be fine. 

Thanks for popping in and listening 

Crafty hugs 

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Morning all 

A beautiful day here - sunny and warm. Got the washing out already. 

Nice to be back into a routine I have to say. 

So here is my card for today. 

I have used Little Claire peel-offs to make this card on a snippet of card stock. 
The end of a piece of card I had already used. 

Then added an alcohol pen for the colour. 

Cut down the image and used the orange pen along the edge
and mounted onto a white card blank and added lines. 

The card blank was an A6 size and I cut this one down to a square - the edge of the 
original card was damaged !!

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


An interesting thought today in my pad of meditation 

" when a certain person has a particular way of perceiving the world, seeing anything beyond that will not happen"

How true is that - 

I know that there are people who I know - only see things their way
and no other way. 
And it does not matter how much effort I put in to show a different 
way - they will not see it. 
I have now have to have an open mind - listen to them, it is their 
views not mine, their perception not mine, and it is my perception not theirs. 

I can see it in my cards I have to have them "perfect" and when I point out to Den a 
"mistake" he can not even see it. 

Do you find the same? 

Cakes to bake, trifle to make with the stale cakes, so best be going 

Have a lovely day and thank you all who have visited me - your comments are 
much appreciated. 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

In the light of the Silvery Moon

Afternoon all - and how are you today? 

Well I hope. Getting back to normal now and done a bit of 
crafting this morning. 

But first a

who is 6 years old today MY GRANDSON


Here is my card for today....

I have followed Barbara Gray's Calendar challenge for this month

Using stamps and masks from Clarity Stamps.

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the 


After our trip away to see Mum yesterday I went into the garden and 
found much to my surprise all these.....

I am so pleased that the canes have "worked" although we only have a few in the "right" 
place - there are other canes that have sprung up and are fruiting. 

So lovely to have fresh fruit from the garden. Although it was wonderful to have 
meals cooked while we were away - there is nothing better than getting 
fresh produce from the garden. 

This morning I have had a beetroot juice drink - picked washed and squished 
all within a few moments. 

Have a great rest of the day and I look forward to your visit when you can. 

Crafty hugs 

x  x 

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rubber-neckers at Stonehenge

Well here I am - have you wondered where I have been? 

I have been to Kent this weekend just gone to see my Mum.... a very long journey 

We went on Friday and the M3 and M25 while I was driving was horrid. One the opposite side
to us a "stationary traffic jam" for over 25 miles. Pouring rain so conditions were not good. 

Although on the A303 at Stonehenge lovely and sunny. Den was driving then. 

Had a nice time at Mums and here are a few photos of her garden, and of 
course Myrtle the cat. 

Then we returned yesterday left at 9.30 am and only got home by 4.30 pm.

Roads not too bad, very fast, heavy traffic on the motorways (which I drive) 
but after our "pit-stop" - traffic jam on the road to Stonehenge. 

What was the problem you ask??? Rubber-neckers..... looking at the stones while 
driving. !!!! 

Spent over 30 minutes at a standstill up to the stones, once past them, traffic moving
as normal. 

Anyway I am glad to be home -- washing on, shopping done, and now 
back to blogging. 

Just did not have time to pop over to see what was happening or 
what I was thinking. 

So back to normal this morning and hope to back in the swing of 
crafting by tomorrow. I have missed my time. 

But I did take my cards down to Mum to show her and a few friends 
and did well in my sales. So in a way I was able to do a bit of crafting. 

Thank you for popping over and look forward to seeing you again 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Saturday, 17 September 2016

thoughts of me

Good afternoon all - sorry I missed you yesterday
Will explain next week ..... news to follow....
I thought I would share with you one of my oldies and post it over onto
Erika's site.
Not got much time this weekend to blog nearly last night at 11 pm posted
Goodnight all and that would have been all.... silly thought I know
but sometimes there are too many more things to sort out.
I hope you are having great time this weekend and enjoying
all that you are doing.
Here is my card for today.....

It is an old  card using Clarity Stamps .... Must do another one some time as this Card just
flew out of my stall....
Well must dash nice to see you and
Crafty hugs

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Do we remember

Evening all. 

How has your day been today. Mine has been a good one, up at the Village 
Hall Coffee morning with my cards and over 20 people. 

When you consider we are a very small village of just over 100 folk 
we do have fun in the Village. 

Always something happening. One thing we do have is a Bring your Books and share. 
A small charge is made to "buy" a book and if you feel like bringing it back great
or bring any that you have finished with. The charge per book 20 pence bargain. 

We have Art lessons, Yoga, Bridge, Skittles, Short Mat Bowls, Parties, 
Celebrations, Harvest Festival Meal, Panto, to name just a few. 

Interesting reading today 

"Have we remembered all the important birthdays in our lives this year"

"It feels good to remember the birthdays of those who have contributed so much to our lives"

"It does not feel good to be too busy to remember"

This is another interesting thought ..... I just love making cards for people in the Village
who "remember" the birthdays to come. Sending a card in the post gives me joy. 

Like the one I posted today for Farran my Grandson who is 6 next week. 

Here is his card a special card for a special boy. 

Sorry about the picture - forgot to take a better one - only after I posted it. I did finish off 
the top by adding "6 Today" .....

And here is a photo taken on Tuesday

YES it is Christmas already in the shops. Oh and if you do not know 
it is 100 days to Christmas !!! So that is another birthday to remember

Glad I have my Christmas Cards all done now. 

Well must stop my rambles tonight 

Have a good evening 

Thank you for popping in and look forward to your visit again 

Crafty hugs 


Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Frozen eggs and bees

Well a good evening to you tonight

Nearly forgot my blog today.... been  in the kitchen today 
making quiche, had a whole load of eggs to use up. 

Get Free Range eggs from Dens brother which are lovely and when the Chickens
are laying - they keep on coming. I usually freeze them if I have too many 
but at the moment not enough room in the freezer. 

Have you ever frozen eggs? So easy - put 4 or 5 in a container mix them up 
as if you were going to make scrambles eggs and freeze. 

Then when you need to bake with them just defrost and use straight away. 

Just found this picture and think this is just like Roger and his chickens. 

Roger is Dens brother and he does a lot of walking :) 

Must use this for his next birthday card. 

Well I have been making my Grandsons birthday card today 

Got a photo but it is not too good as  I have just taken it and light is not good. 

So here is my card for today

I have used the Hunkydory stamps Bees to ink the background 

Stamping the bees onto the card and then added a tag with Happy Birthday 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the 



Thank you for coming over to see me today and look forward to 
your visit again 

Have a great evening 

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Cats galore

Afternoon all

Thought I would get this done while I can as we have been having 
thunder, lightening and rain so internet un-plugged. 

Sun is out at the moment. Went to post a card earlier and went with a plastic bag 
Why you ask - to pick blackberries of course. Got a large bowl of them before the 
rain came. Could hear the thunder in the distance. 

Using one of my winning stamps from IndigoBlu I have made a 
Cat card for today's card. 

Stamped onto white stamping card and used my Cosmic Shimmer paints to 
paint in the cats.

Mounted onto snippets of card onto a cut down A5 card to make an A4 card.

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the 
following as I am sure you will agree Pussies are cute and cuddly :) 


To continue on the readings from the Meditation book today's reading is 

"what they call you is one things. What you answer to is something else"

Now this is really quite interesting for me, as all throughout my life, I have had 
several different names that I answer too. 

A family name x 2 
A School name x 1 
A wife / partners name x 1 
A friends name x 2 
A blog name x 2 

Now that is what I call confusing - so think I must answer to anything 

What about you? 

Have a great rest of the day and look forward to seeing you again. 

Thank you to those who have left comments it is really appreciated 

Crafty hugs 

Monday, 12 September 2016

Watership Down

Evening all - boy it is late for me to be writing this, but 
have not found time during the day. 

Busy making name labels for the Christmas cards today. Printing, foiling, cutting,
mounting onto mirri card all ready for Mum to choose the cards. 

Used my Minc foiler - do not use it that often but when I do I am so pleased 
with the results. 

Here is my card for today. 

Do you remember that painting of 2 bunnies I did some time back - never 
got around to using it until today. I used Clarity Stamps for the main rabbits using a mask 
too to create the background using different paints. Painted in the "moon" with acrylic paint. 

Added some black foreground detail using both Card-io and Inkylicous stamps.

Mounted on green card on a red card blank. Note the black edge to the picture 
to make it pop.

I think the song I can think of with this card is "Bright Eyes" from Watership Down.
always a moving film and of course the main reason is as there are rabbits. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the


Interesting reflection / meditation quote today 

taking about Balance..... makes me wonder if I am "in balance" with my life
am I too one sided in what I do, not enough variety in my life. 

Den keeps saying I must get out more..... but I always find time to be 
in doors. 

However I suppose Balance is just round the corner if I try to find it? 

Now best be going 

Have a nice evening and hope to see you again. 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Bright and beautiful

Now is it still the afternoon or is it getting to the evening. 

Another day has gone by and thought while the roast is cooking would 
pop in to see you and say thank you for your visit today. 

How is your weekend? Mine busy but nice weather and had a bit of 
time out in the garden this afternoon. 

Here is my card for today. 

I have used IndigoBlu Dog stamp which I chose as a winning stamp 

Stamped with black permanent ink onto a scrap of white card
 and then used Cosmic Shimmer watercolour
paints to colour in the dogs "All Bright and Beautiful"

Then to keep the them of Bright and Beautiful mounted onto various bright 
snippet papers from my stash. 

Cut up a A4 white card to make a A5 card blank. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Enjoy the  rest of the day. Hope you have had a good one. 

And hope to see you again. Also will have a bit more time to chat to you 
after tomorrow all being well as I will have more time to my self. 

We will see. Take care.

Crafty hugs 

Saturday, 10 September 2016

Lavender butterflies

Good afternoon all

What a day - busy busy busy. 

Got loads to do and not enough time - so it seems but when I reflect on 
my progress I have made a good start. 

Nearly finished the Christmas cards for Mum 

Sat in the garden to have a cuppa while the sun is out. Den is working hard 
building a retaining wall for the garden. Looking good. 

Must think about tea but before I do here is my card for today. Carrots from the garden
but now having to use shop potatoes :( sad day.

I have used Hunkydory kit to make this and hope it meets with 

It is a rocker card with 3 different layers.
Sorry the photo does not do it justice but think you get the idea.

L is for lavender  the colour and hope the L is for letters, will be the words of Just for you.
With the butterflies too.

Anyway will keep it short for today. 

Look forward to hearing from you again and thank you everyone who has
left a comment on my blog. 

I read all of them and it gives me great joy. 

Have a great weekend. 

Crafty hugs 


Friday, 9 September 2016

Splats and Christmas

Well a very good afternoon to you all 

Where is the time going it is Friday already and nearly the weekend. 

Been looking for my Grandsons birthday present - he is into Lego Star Wars
what a mind field that is. 

Here is my card for today

I have made this card for the Seven Hills Blog to match their theme

I have used Altenew inks to stamp the splats over the page. The splats come from the 
My Favorite things 

Coloured a white card blank with green
Added a green edge to the card to bring in the colour for the sentiment 
into the card. 

And used Altenew Happy Birthday sentiment. 

I hope you like it and think it could be classed as a CAS card? 

So that is my quick card for today. Been busy still making Christmas Cards 
think I will have enough now -- just need to do the inserts. 

As it is Friday it is time to pop over to see Erica's and post an oldie 

Here is mine.... 

Seeing I have been thinking and doing Christmas thought I would show you this 
card which I made last year. 

Good to see - giving me more ideas for this year. 

I really do love stamping and creating my cards.

Best think about tea as the time is rolling on

Have a great evening and thank you everyone who has popped over to see me 
and to those who have left such lovely comments. 

Take care

Crafty hugs 

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Off to the Zoo

Well a good afternoon to you all this Thursday

How are you doing 

Busy day for me again today had to go into town to the bank for Den this morning
and look for a new electric shaver for him. Mind field...think he will have to 
have a look at the new designs that are out there. 

Nearly finished making the Christmas Cards for Mum.... which I am taking down to 
her when we visit. 

But here is a quick card I made in between things. 

Needed to get my hands messy and get my crafting head on. 

I started off with a blank piece of white card.

Stamped with a "brownish" permanent ink the image of the Giraffes from Clarity Stamps. 

Then coloured in with various inks with the mask in place to protect the background

Then with masks and distress inks made the background having used the "in" bit of 
the mask to protect the animals. 

I added black to the eyes. 

Inked round the edge to make the picture pop and mount onto the 
dotty card blank by Craftwork Cards.  

My thoughts on this card is What men would like to do on a bank holiday - 
go to the Zoo or go on a safari.... thinking a little out the box ? 

I would like to enter it for the following


Hope you are all well and things are well with you. 

Interesting Mediation reading today 

"Womens silence is the lightning that warns of the thunder to come"

Made me think about how I deal with things - and that is to go silent. 
Think, think and think and boil.... certainly if I feel things are not right. 

But it takes a lot for me to "thunder" 

How about you? 

What are your thought on this. 

Well this is me done for now 

Hope to see you again 

Crafty hugs 


Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Sleigh Dogs

Hi there how are you today? 

Been busy again for me today - dash into town which I will do again tomorrow. 

Busy making cards and here is my card for today. 

I have used the Creative Crafting world kit with a dash of Hunkydory

It is s a simple card to make 

Cut out square sheets of backing papers add snippets of black card from my stash to 
mount the backing papers onto. Added the topper again using a snippet of black card to make 
the image pop. 

Added Nuvo drops to the corners and added a Hunkydory Christmas paper bow.

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Well I had hoped to go blackberry picking today but that will have to wait till 
tomorrow. Need to get the cards finished for tomorrow. 

Wonderful to hear such good feedback from people about my cards 
it really lifts me. 

Have a great rest of the day - think I may get out into the garden 
and see if there is any veg left. 

Thank you for popping in 

Take care 

Crafty hugs