Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rubber-neckers at Stonehenge

Well here I am - have you wondered where I have been? 

I have been to Kent this weekend just gone to see my Mum.... a very long journey 

We went on Friday and the M3 and M25 while I was driving was horrid. One the opposite side
to us a "stationary traffic jam" for over 25 miles. Pouring rain so conditions were not good. 

Although on the A303 at Stonehenge lovely and sunny. Den was driving then. 

Had a nice time at Mums and here are a few photos of her garden, and of 
course Myrtle the cat. 

Then we returned yesterday left at 9.30 am and only got home by 4.30 pm.

Roads not too bad, very fast, heavy traffic on the motorways (which I drive) 
but after our "pit-stop" - traffic jam on the road to Stonehenge. 

What was the problem you ask??? Rubber-neckers..... looking at the stones while 
driving. !!!! 

Spent over 30 minutes at a standstill up to the stones, once past them, traffic moving
as normal. 

Anyway I am glad to be home -- washing on, shopping done, and now 
back to blogging. 

Just did not have time to pop over to see what was happening or 
what I was thinking. 

So back to normal this morning and hope to back in the swing of 
crafting by tomorrow. I have missed my time. 

But I did take my cards down to Mum to show her and a few friends 
and did well in my sales. So in a way I was able to do a bit of crafting. 

Thank you for popping over and look forward to seeing you again 

Crafty hugs 

x x 


  1. Glad you had a good time with your Mum Pen. What a beautiful garden she has and Myrtle is a very pretty cat. I hate travelling on the M25. Glad you finally got home safely. Barbxx

  2. Hey there - so glad you had a great time but that traffic and weather !!!!? Yuk ! Your Mum's garden is just so beautiful and the pusscat is gorgeous :-D
    Great to have you back Pen :-D xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi Pen,
    oh you have been in my neck of the woods this weekend.
    The weather Friday was appalling as my daughter had to go to Leamington Spa for an award ceremony and she got caught in all that weather and traffic, and was nearly late.
    Wonderful photos of your journey, and your Mums garden.
    I have only been past Stonehendge 4 or 5 timesbut there is always a bottle neck of traffic when I have been also.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  4. Pleased to hear you had a lovely visit with your mum.She has a lovely garden, and what a beautiful cat ,Kate x

  5. Hi Pen still not been to Stonehenge, hubby is from that neck of the woods and keeps saying he'll take me.
    Your mums garden is lovely.
    The M25 is a nightmare, biggest carpark in the country. I don't miss it at all used it regular when was based at Portsmouth and Plymouth.

    Hope you've had fun crafting today?

    Hugs Erika. x

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Your views and comments are appreciated . I look forward to your visit again.

Crafty hugs Pen