Monday, 31 October 2016

Birthday boy

Afternoon all and thank for popping in today

Not been doing much crafting today as it is Den's birthday.

Been baking cakes and making a banner for him to see when he comes home.

Here it is.... 

Used my Scan N Cut  to cut out the letters and numbers They are rather large I have to say

Think I need to replace the blade on the machine as it seems to be not cutting too well, or am I 
just being fussy.

Here is a photo of the sky this morning.

It has been a beautiful day, windows open today, washing still on the line, feels almost like
spring. Strange how the weather makes ones mood either high or low. 

It will be a nice evening for those who are out Trick or Treating. Not that we will. 

Not sure if I agree with the "commercial" aspect of this now Event....

Looking forward to Friday night as we as a Village are having a get together up at the Village Hall 
for Bonfire night with Sausages and Chips too. 

No fireworks just a very big bonfire - all the villagers can put their suitable stuff for a 
bonfire on the pile.

No card made today. 

Have a great evening with what ever you may be up too.

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Den's Birthday

Afternoon all 

Hope you are having a good weekend and that you are doing all that you wish. 

It is Den's Birthday tomorrow so we are off shortly to get a Chinese Takeaway meal 
got my list, and probably have enough for tomorrow too. 

Made his card yesterday which I will share with you today.

I have just got a new machine which will cut out letters and numbers.

So I used up snippets of paper to make the design. 

Added foam pads ( not a usual thing for me) to add dimension to the card. 

Mounted onto a Kanban Happy Birthday foiled card. 

So pleased to have used up a few snippets of paper from my huge stash of bits.

Never seem to get any lower I have to say. 

So hope it is ok but would like to enter it for the following 


Will be baking cakes tomorrow for Den so hope I will not burn the cake like I did 
yesterday. Got a new seal on the cooker and guess what it cooks hotter now!!

No loss of heat through the door. 

Well be back tomorrow. Thank you for popping in and take care. 

Crafty hugs 


Saturday, 29 October 2016

Harebell, hoops, horses and butterfly .....

Morning all

First thanks Meg for your heads up on being able to enter a challenge for my 
card yesterday. All done :)

Here is my card for today.

I have used snippets of card for the background - one of my mopped up backing papers.

Stamped with a new stamp I have with distress inks making hoops over the background. 

Then cut down the paper to a square shape and added with a smoothie more ink around the edges

Added a "snippet" butterfly and then 3 Craftwork cards flowers with glitter in the center. 

Thought it missed something - oh yes - a sentiment. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for coming over to my blog today

Hope you have a great weekend. 

Crafty hugs 

Oh and here is an oldie for over at Erika's

This is stamped "horse" onto Stampboard and then etched out the white. 

Coloured with Pans Pastels and framed. 

Hope you like it something different this week 

Friday, 28 October 2016

Mans best friend

Afternoon everyone and thank you for popping in today

Here is my card for today. 

Printed off the topper from one of my CD's today just for a change, tried glossy paper first not good so ended up using some photo paper. Much better.

ps ... The CD I used was from Pollyanna Pickering Best of Breeds 

Then mat and layered onto a card blank, added a backing paper. Sentiment and ribbon from 
my crafty stash of ribbons. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Do you find that the day just disappears before you know it? It is like that with
me at the moment. And Mum asks each time I speak to her "and what have you done today"

Just pottering doing this and that .....

Interesting reading today - about our "unconscious mind" all about giving us information  that we need in order to live as fully as possible. Goodness.... would not like to be in my head at times
with the "stuff" that is going round in it. Especially in the middle of the night. 

Do you find you have a "brain wave" in the middle of the night like me? 

Thought this sums up me to a tee today.... 

Well I suppose I best get on or it will be another day gone. 

Thank you for your visit and I love to hear from you and a big thank you to 
everyone who leaves a message.

Have a great day

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Thursday, 27 October 2016


Afternoon all 

Thank you for popping in today to see me. 

I hope you are well and enjoying your day. 

I have been trying something different again today

Then using an IndigoBlu stamp stamped in black onto white stamping card. 

Then the fun -- spent the morning "chilling out" colouring in, using a various selection of 

The challenge is about Monochrome so I went with shades of black and grey.

Added bibs and bobs from my stash, ribbon, heart, and a few more bibs and bobs. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for looking and I hope you will pop back tomorrow

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Mountain bike

Morning all and thank you for popping in to see me today. 

How are you today? Well I hope. 

I thought I would share this card I made yesterday from Hunkydory for an order I have
for a mountain bike !!! 

It is a decoupage kit but I like to just stick the layers on top of each other without the 
pads so that it can be posted as a normal card.  I started off with an insert which I cut down and then 
layered the bits on top of the picture. Then used various snippets of card to mat and layer onto 
a white card blank 

I find "my friends" like that - as they are not too keen on "thick" cards.

I have used it for the following challenge 

with a bit of tongue in cheek as the question may be is it a vehicle but it is something that is
used to transport people.  So this is V is for Vehicle :) 

Interesting Proverb today

"She who eats modestly with never need doctors" Japanese Proverb

I heard on the radio this morning about a Celeb getting a chicken bone stuck in her throat. 

Have I checked out what is going into my body lately? Well I do try to eat fresh food especially if it 
is out of the garden. 

Not too much salt or sugar 


I do eat too much chocolate, I know I do, but I do also know that I eat chocolate in time of 
stress !

Now that I have written that down I realise I must look more closely into what goes into my body. 

How about you? 

Thank you Jenny L for your tip on a blog to enter yesterday 

Have a great day everyone and I look forward to your visit again tomorrow 
all being well. 

Bit of crafting to do today.... 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Evening all 

Bit late but as I missed yesterday I thought I must get onto my blog and say hi.

Thank you for popping in. 

Been a good day been into town today although it was double the distance this week to get into
town as the main road is closed and I refuse to go the very narrow country lane, when the 
main road is closed. Its not me - not wanting to drive the road - which is fine - it is the 
other drivers on the road. 

Will one day get a few photos of the road just to show you what I mean - it is very much single track
and with a step edge into the fields below and no passing places.

I thought I would share this Christmas card for you today. 

It has Todo die manger cut out of black card and stamping of the Wise Men and Star from Clarity Stamps to create this card. 

I have made a sun from a mask and added hills of sand using just one colour 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Best dash now as Holby is on and do not want to miss it.

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Orange trees

Good afternoon and thank you for popping in today. 

Well that is the housework done, just need to peg out the sheets as the sun is shining 
and the wind is blowing

I have been busy using up snippets of card, inks, paper and wee pictures. 

Here is my card for today 

I started off with a selection of snippet of toppers I  made the other day after one of the challenges 

see the selection below

So I decided to make a rather large selection of cards from these snippets 

But cut down a topper, used an alcohol pen around the edge, and matted and layered onto 
a card blank which I gave a light dusting of yellow

Now guess what is my favorite colour is Oranges and a hint of red. 

Just love the colours of Autumn

So I would like to enter the card into the following 


Must dash now as it is lunch time. 

Take care thinking of you 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Saturday, 22 October 2016

V is for .....

Afternoon All 

Hope you are having a good day and that the sun is shining where you are. 

Was very cold this morning I have to say, so have not ventured out yet.

First here is a tag for the latest challenge over at The Craft Barn Alpha challenge 

I coloured up the tag with a similar colour to a Vixen

Thought I would say how pleased I am to have been in the top 3 or 5 over the last few weeks 
for various challenges and also Won a couple of challenges too... (although I am still waiting for the "winnings" )


Just a little note yesterday was Friday (yes I know you know) but over at Erika's 
was Share an Oldie

So here is mine to join in the fun :)

This is not so much a real real oldie but one I made last year

Have a great rest of the day

Crafty hugs

x x

Friday, 21 October 2016

spots and stripes

Me again 

Ekkkk been meaning to do this challenge over at Sweet Stamping Challenge 

and see I only have 30 mins 
to enter. Love entering these challenges over at Sweet Stamping :) 

Made this card earlier today from the scraps I had left from the previous 
challenge today. 

So here it is 

Stamped with distress inks and using stamps. Clarity stamp and Ultimatecrafts 

Scrap of stripy card stock and scrap of orange card. 

Hope you like it 

Catch up tomorrow 


Autumn Trees

Afternoon All 

How are you today - well I hope and enjoying the day. 

I have been working on the next challenge over at Clarity Stamps for the Calendar challenge

Had to have a go a couple of times to try to get the trees right 

Followed the instructions on the calendar so I hope you like it

The words to the side I had to do twice as I was not happy with them. 

Interestingly there is a note in my meditation book today about 

Perfectionism !!!

How strange that should be the thoughts for today. I am sure the first lot of words 
would have been OK but not to me.

The quote says 

"Perfectionism, for me, is a form of dishonesty with others and with myself. It is an attempt to control how others see me" 

Not sure what happened yesterday apart from I was very busy and the day just went. 

So sorry not to have posted yesterday. 

Have a great day and see you tomorrow all being well. 

I would like to enter this card for the following 


On a good note before I go I will say Mum seems better now after her fright about 
being stuck in the bath. Now needs to get her money back !!! 

Well have a great day 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Pink is the colour

Morning all 

Well here I am - had a very short blog yesterday :) and well done to 
Marianne for winning the Crafting Live Tickets.

Here is my card for today. 

I have used Altenew stamps and inks on a white scrap of card stock. 

Stamped the image and then used a smoothie to colour the background a bit more

Then matted and layered the cut down topper onto various snippets of card stock. 

Love using up bibs and bobs. 

Mounted onto a cream coloured card blank which again I coloured pink. Added some pink 
Nuvo Drops and of course a pink butterfly ;) 

I would like to enter it for the challenge over at 

All to do with pink - for Cancer 

Mum had breast cancer a few years back, and although she "survived" it - she is now 
very frail after complications from a stroke. 

Finally find out what happened with her and this NEW BATH STRAP - which I 
advised her not to get. But she so much wanted to have a bath she was persuaded to 
purchase it. Had it fitted and tried it out......

can you guess what happens... 

She slipped off the strap once she was in the bath and could not get back out. 

I gather that 
"During the course of the bath the white slip sheet slipped down over the belt and with that motion the belt bunched up into a tube rendering Mum helpless and unable to get back onto the seat. She has no strength and great pain in her shoulders."

Now she has the problem of trying to get back the money for something NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE

It is a shame that Mum did not heed my warnings thanks to my friends here on Blogland who 
gave their views.....which I mentioned to Mum. 

Does it annoy you when these "salesmen" come into homes and "push" frail people  to buy something
which is not suitable - just to get a sale. 

Well there is something for you to ponder on today. 

Salesmen who push just for that sale.

I have been in Sales nearly all my life and something that I am very strong in my views are

"does this person, need, afford, want, or is it suitable" and it I felt it was NOT then I did not 
sell that item. 

Whether it be, medical, memberships, products, or Bank products. 

Anyway best dash and get on. Looks like a good day to be in the garden 
so washing is on.

Have a good day 

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

And the Winner is .....


Well that was easy to sort out 

The winner for my Blog Candy  is 

for the tickets to Peterborough Live 

Well done 

send me an email and I will send you the link for the tickets.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Sepia Rose

Afternoon all 

Hope you had a good weekend and the weather was good for you. 

Was busy in the garden yesterday so today it is catch up time - doing housework !!!

Not my cuppa tea but there it is has to be done. Cakes are in the oven too. 

REMEMBER to join in my Blog Candy - finished today and draw tomorrow !!!

Here is my card which I have made. 

I have used Sheena Douglas Stamping card and stamped using a distress ink 
onto a Sheena Douglas Rose stamp. 

Then with a paint brush "just damp" drew out the colour over the image

To add a little more texture to the card I then inked random words around the edges

Added a bit more colour to the edges 

Mounted onto gold Mirri card onto a white card blank - thought the card blank needed a bit of 
colour. Added a ribbon from Crafty Ribbons Bargain bag, Nuvo drops on the petals, and 3 sequins 
to the bottom of the card. 

I hope you like this card I have used just one colour from this colour pallet :)

and would like to enter it for the following 


Think it must be cuppa time now. 

Must try to give Mum a call in a mo - hope she is free - rather worried about 
over Christmas as she is refusing to have anyone there to look after her. 

Think I will have to take "one day at a time" and try not to worry. 

Well cuppa is calling 

Thank you for coming over to see my blog today and I look forward to 
your visit again. 

Crafty Hugs 

x x 

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Lion flowers

Morning all 

Well it is a lovely day so think I will be out in the garden today. 

Here is my card for today

 which I have tried to keep with the colour theme 
from Seven Hills Blog 

I have used several stamps from Seven Hills those being 

Baby Zoo  for the lion which is stamped in black ink and

 the hearts in dark shades of green/blue 

and the flowers I used 2 stamps from the Altenew Mini Blossoms stamps

I used shades from the last colour theme having first made the back ground 
with a hill on a snippet of white card which I had in my stash. A bit of a small piece but 
thought that it would make the lion look bigger. 

Stamped flowers around on the scene and then stamped the sentiment 

Mounted onto snippets of black and white pieces of card which were all off cuts onto a white card blank. 

I hope it meets with the criteria and would like to enter it 
for the following 


Have a great day and see you again tomorrow

Crafty hugs 

x   x

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Pink Kitty

Bit of a late one this evening .....

Not sure where the time has gone today but that is OK....

that is life so here I am writing my blog before Casualty starts in an hours time. 

I have been playing with bibs and bobs today and here is my card with a theme of 


I found some Craftworks card stock and cut it down to fit a Craftworks card blank

Then cut up another section to fit a bit of shocking pink card. 

Mounted a strip of Red Kitty ribbon to the bottom of the small topper cards
mounting onto the main card. 

Added a lace bow made from Crafty Ribbons stash 
and finally added a few sentiments to bring the card together. 

Was missing something - OH yes - a butterfly. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for coming over to view my blog today. 

Have a great rest of the day and I look forward to your visit again. 

Blog Candy

See my blog candy tab 

Winning tickets to Peterborough 

Too far for me to go..... 


Friday, 14 October 2016

Christmas bauble

Morning everyone and here we are again on a Friday. 

Thank you to those who left such lovely comments yesterday about laughing
I have to say Jenny yes both Den and I had a chuckle with the "sock thingy" 

Yesterday evening we both had a big laugh when a programme Den likes is 
coming back on the TV but on a Wednesday - we both said together - "what on a Wednesday" 
 just like the Monty Python sketch... if you remember? 

Anyway here is my card for today 

I have been making a selection of Christmas Cards for my Cousin to choose a design she likes. 

Here is one I made. 

I have used Clarity Stamps for this and a stencil 

First I placed the stencil on a white square card blank - inked in blue just lightly to 
create the bauble.

Then stamped in black the images. Added yellow to the background and then a
blue shade of alcohol pen around the edge to bring it all together. 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Just as a little extra something today .... here is an oldie I made over a year ago. 

Have to say I just love the sentiment !

Friends are Flowers that never fade !!

Although my very very best friend died of cancer 8 years ago I miss her but I remember 
her always, there are times I wish I could say "such and such" and have those laughs we use to have
but I am grateful that I had some wonderful times with her. 

Just phoned Mum and she is very down and I feel quite low myself now - with worry - 
so I have said how I feel, I will now go for a walk into the fresh air and remember those 
good times. 

And think I will put on some bread to bake - nothing better than fresh bread smell :) 

Remember I can not change how others feel only myself. 

Have a great day and look forward to hearing from you with your thoughts too. 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Thursday, 13 October 2016

sparkle shine circles and squares

Morning all and thank you for popping in today

DO NOT forget to look at my Blog Candy

Here is my card for today which I had been working on yesterday. 

Circles and Squares is the theme

I started off with a stencil from Clarity Stamps and "stuck it" to a sheet of 
sticky paper. 

Then used gilding flakes to cover the whole of the area still sticky. 

Mounted it onto a piece of paper and then took off the stencil.... that was a bit
difficult - stuck down rather well !!!
Then got my glitter and rubbed over the areas that were still sticky and not covered with 
gilding flakes. 

Polished up the image and cut down into a square
Mounted onto various sizes of white and black card and finally onto 
a white square card blank.

I hope you can see the shine and glitter on this card.... the flowers really pop in the 

I would like to enter it for the following 


It has gone very cold here today first thing but I see that the sun is now trying 
to shine. 

The reading today is about laughter.... when was the last time you had a good 
big belly laugh. 

Sometimes I find there is not much to laugh about, especially when you listen to or watch 
the news. 

So maybe today I need to find that laughter? 

How about you? 

Must get on and will be back tomorrow. 

Crafty hugs 

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Autumn Butterflies

Afternoon all 

Busy morning with one thing and another. 

Here is my card for today 

I have used a Color Burst powders from Ken Oliver to make 
a selection of backgrounds on watercolour paper. 

I have used colours which I think reflect  Autumn colours

I then used an IndigoBlu butterfly stamp - stamping in black ink
then used a glitter pen to colour in the butterflies.  I am a bit restricted with 
Wildlife IndigoBlu stamps so hope butterflies are in order 

Then using various colours of card mounted onto a red card blank. 

Kept I hope to all the shades of Autumn Wildlife 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Interesting meditation words today 


"it is not possible to live in balance if we have a closed mind"

I do try to keep an open mind, and not to judge those who do things 
different to me... although at times it is difficult .... when all I am trying to 
do is to keep "someone" safe.

Mum is going to be without a carer over the Christmas period - her choice - 
not mine - but there lies the worry. 

Anyway I must not have a closed mind to this... keep it open ... and pray things
will be OK

Remember to pop over to my 

Blog Candy 

Thank you for your time today and I look forward to your
visit again 

Crafty hugs 

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Bats and pumkin

Afternoon all 

Hope to get out into the garden after lunch so here is a very quick 
blog today. 

I have several cards to show but will show this card 
for today.

Pumpkins and bats .... that was going to be difficult for me but then I 
thought I know just the thing....

Not a lot I can say about this card except it is a topper from Hunkydory.
mounted onto a card blank. 

Like to enter it for the following 


I usually like to "make, construct my own cards" but those will 
follow in the next few days. 

Had a bit of a mishap with gilding flakes today !!! went everywhere - have you 
had the same problems... sneeze or get a blow of wind and then all over the place.

Had to get the hoover out 

Very proud to say I was in the top Design Team selection this week

Have a good day and look forward to 
seeing you again soon. 

Crafty hugs 

Monday, 10 October 2016

Wind turbines and Autumn

Afternoon all 

Had planed to write this earlier today but got rather delayed with 
Man to fix something on the roof of "Dens Shed" and then went in the garden. 

Just a little note ..... watch this space as I may have something for you 
as a prize .... will let you know more "if it arrives here first"

Anyway back to today's card. 

Colours of Autumn - just love the oranges, reds 

I have used a Clarity stamp onto white card, inked up with distress inks
and then used Derwent pencils to colour in more shades of Autumn. 

Added hills in the background using a stencil with shades of orange still on 
a smoothie which I used the other day. It always amazes me how much ink is 
still on the smoothie. 

Added a black edge with black card and then mounted onto a scrap of 
orange card left over from the other day. 

Added a ribbon from my stash from Crafty Ribbons. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the 


Here are a few photos of our journey yesterday travelling back from my 
daughter in Cornwall. We have a lot of wind turbines now .....

Probably cant see the "wind farm " in the last photo but there are loads of wind turbins.

Anyway it is that time of day now when I think I will have a cuppa
and start to get tea ready. 

As I say watch this space for a nice prize to a lucky winner 
from my blog .... think it was me who 
but will not be able to go....

There is a little tease for you. 

Only to those in the UK I hasten to add....

Have a good evening 

Crafty hugs