Friday, 31 March 2017

Heavenly Sea

Morning all and welcome to my blog rambles

Hope all is good with you 

I  was  playing yesterday again trying to do this new way of art 

Junk Journals 

Here is my entry for the challenge over on Facebook

Challenge 10, colours Blue, Pink and Silver, theme heavenly

I have thought outside the box - not about heavenly as in the angels or 
heaven but about the wonders of the sea....

 Started off with a blank card and materials 

Used stencil and rubber stamps to create the picture 
adding extra paints to give texture to the picture. 

Added the snippet of paper with the definition on 

So that I can remember my thoughts while I was making this. 

Stencil is from Clarity Stamps and rubber stamps from Sheena Douglass

I hope you like it

Have to say that Den looked at it and his comments were one of confusion
as he is so use to seeing cards being made.

He wonders what is the point.

Well for me it is to try something different.
How about you. 

I will be posting a blog about my friends horse Grin
later today

So watch this space.

Think sometimes I need to chat about other things than just my

My mojo at times goes certainly when it comes to entering
I love the ones I enter .....

Anyway onward and up today.

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Biscuit jar

Hi there and welcome to my blog rambles

Glad to say that after yesterday I am glad that Amazon listen to their customers 
in the end and all is sorted. 

The supplier has lost my custom but I can live with that as, as I said yesterday, there is 
plenty of fish in the sea. 

So it is biscuits today - do you find that when you are stressed - you eat. I have to say
chocolate biscuits are my down fall. 

So here is my card today. 

Hope it meets with the theme over at 

I started off with a piece of white card stock

Using Hunkydory Love to Stamp 

Stamped the jar and biscuits in the jar, using masks to make the biscuits "go behind"
Coloured in with watercolour pencils. 

Added hearts around the edges and used a smoothie with orange ink still on 
(from doing the elephants the other day) to colour in the edges. 

I did color lightly with gray and blue the jar to try to make it look like 

Stamped the sentiment - and yes I think Happiness is but a biscuit away 

Have a good day and I look forward to hearing from you again 

Pleased to say that I made the TOP 3 (5) with my ribbon flower 
over at 

Bye for now 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

By the Sea

Hi there and thank you for popping in today

I hope you are having a good day (so far) and that all is well with you. 

Yesterday was a bit of a stressful day one way or the other but that 
was yesterday and today is a new day. 

Just had a running in with Amazon re an order I placed which was wrong, 
their sales team need to read their emails better. Long and short is a Supplier sent me 
the wrong item, which I notified the Supplier and thought would keep Amazon in the loop 
but  Amazon sent another email
to them which fueled the Supplier to throw their rattle out the pram (at me) 

Dont you just hate it when that happens.... and to be made to feel I am in the wrong

But spoke with a nice Chap at Amazon who actually understands where I am coming from 
and agrees the Amazon Agent should not have sent another email to the supplier 
and is going to advice on training. 

So that particular supplier has now lost my business, and as they say 
plenty more fish in the sea. 

So here is my card for today 

Started off with something that has been in my stash to finish for quite some time
Seem to be making with my stash which is good. 

The stamped houses are from Clairty stamps onto a mopped up paper.

Coloured in the houses with Acrylic paints - love these wee paints as it is so easy to
add detail to small places

Made the sand and sea using smoothies 

Then added splats of water to the picture and mopped up the water to 
create a feeling of water. 

Added a few line birds and mounted onto another stash of blue card 
onto a card blank. 

You may see a hint of orange around the card blank 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


thank you for your visit 

Hope you have a good day

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Elephants again

Hi there

Thank you for your visit today

Were do I start = well got out to do the garden yesterday and 
boy do I ache today. 

Good news is that I got our potatoes planted and sowed some parsnips too.

Been a bit of a colder wet day today but that is good as it will help 
stuff grow. 

Been working with Elephants today

Some how they seem to make me relax and feel good. 

So here is my card for today

Started off with one of my bits of scrap paper which I had painted quite some time 
ago with Dyna pink paint. 

Made the background with orange smoothies 

Stamped in black the elephants and trees. Can you see the shadows I have 
added :) 

Hope you like it and would like 

Also it would have been my Dad's birthday today

I really do miss him 

Here is a photo of him with my 3 children, my son is 42  and the 2 girls 
nearly 40 and 38 where does the time go?
Anyway best dash 

Thanks for your visit 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Monday, 27 March 2017

Elephant Safari

Hi there thank you for popping in today

Sorry I missed you yesterday, was out in the garden most of the day
and by the time I came in and sat down I fell asleep. 

What am I like? 

Anyway here is my card for today

I am not really very good at this parchment lark so here is my 
effort for this months challenge over on  Facebook Groovi Worldwide. 

Somehow I feel left behind and wonder if it is worth trying 

But here is my project 

Started off with white card to create the background 

Then used the groovie plates to make the parchment elephants 
coloured in with pencils

Layered it onto the background

Sorry did not take photos of my steps with the elephant 

Hope you like it

So would like to enter it for the following 


Here are a couple of photos of my garden yesterday 

Ground ready for planting today 

Photos of the wedding we went to on Saturday 

Have a good day and look forward to hearing from you 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Blowin in the wind

Hi there

Thank you for joining me today 

It is my step-Nieces wedding today so will not be long 
here blogging

Here is my card for today

I have used watercolour paper - one of my mopped up sheets 

and used a Rubberneckers rubber stamp to stamp the flowers

Added more grasses that a "blowing in the Wind"
gave an orange edge to the paper to highlight the flower colours
mounted onto yellow card stock onto a card. 

Added the lyrics from Bob Dylan for the song Challenge 

I hope you like it 

and would like to enter it for the following 


Have a good day, the sun is shinning 

We have been invited to the evening do .... seems to be the "new way" 
to have all friends to the Church Ceremony and the family to the evening do? 

Well it is their day .... nearly time ....

Will see you tomorrow hopefully

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Friday, 24 March 2017

Across the Meadow

Hi there thank you for popping in again today

Not sure what is happening but I seem to have lost a few followers
so if it is you .... love you to join me again.....

Here today I have been playing with my journal again 

over at Junk journals junkies and Mindful Art on Facebook 

First I started with a sheet of white card stock and coloured in the top with 
burnt orange using a stencil circle for the sun. 

Added green hills again using a stencil..... 

Added in 3 tan birds hand drawn

Then the foreground was made from a Hunkydory Laser cut Autumn sheet which
I coloured with watercolour paint - tan coloured. 

Added it to my journal giving a highlight of orange to the back paper. 

I hope you like it....

Thank you for your visit and I look forward to hearing from you

Have a great day 

Crafty hugs 


Ps Please to say I made the top 3 over again at Crafty Ribbons Challenge on Facebook 
this week 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Material cat

Afternoon all 

Hope all is well with you. What a terrible day yesterday in London UK

What is the world coming too ... I feel for all who were caught up in 
the terrible situation. 

I only have a wee thing to show today..... 

Been working on my Blog posts for the DT challenges I am involved with
so they are ready for the beginning of the month. 

So here is my wee hanging picture 

Started off with some material 

Cut out the picture which looked like Myrtle

Glued to a cut out cardboard square with the glue and cut off the edges 

Added a ribbon and a felt snippet of felt for the back 

Hope you like it - thought it would be nice for Mum on Mothers Day 
so it is in the post today. 

Watch this space for more ideas with material 

I would like to enter it for the following 


Thank you for your visit 

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Nature is all around

Hi there 

Hope you are well and the weather is not too bad where you are today. 

Computer seems very slow today, and having problems 
entering the blog challenges. 

Thank you Jenny for the heads up about the challenge for yesterdays 
blog entry. 

Anyway here is my work for today. 

I am trying to do a bit of journaling - something new for me. 

I have been thinking about the Challenge over 

Junk journals junkies and Mindful Art  

on Facebook today with the 
theme of nature and colour theme. 

So here is my entry 

Started off with a selection of colours and smoothies 

Here is my journal showing blobs on one of the papers so covered with white gesso 
early this morning

Then I used some stencils and stenciled the leaves patterns and barbed wire 
in various shades of Moss green, burnt orange and tan. 

Added the word Nature cut out from a dictonary glued those in place 

and added some texture with split raffia going down the centre. 

Used the orange smoothie to highlight the edges. 

Had fun with this ... and was making it this morning while waiting 
for the larger journal to dry... 

Hopefully will be able to show that one tomorrow or Friday. 

I hope you like it and would like to enter it for the following 


Been trying to hail again here today, the temperature has fallen. 

Mum has had another fall this morning ( Wednesday) 

Glad she has her carers there I have to say. 

Anyway best get on - think will try to do a bit of sewing this afternoon, 
after lunch. 

Have a good day 

crafty hugs 

x x 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Ribbon Flower "picture"

Hi there and thank you for your visit today.

I have to say that I am feeling somewhat better than yesterday. 
Everything that could go wrong went wrong

But would like to say a big thank you to my friends who 
listened to me and settled my thoughts and feelings. 

Anyway I have tried something really different today  

Ribbon Flower 

I have used a long snippet of ribbon from my Crafty Ribbons Stash !!! 

Then made a flower by stitching 10 cm lenghts of wired ribbon 
so that it looks like a "boat" shape.

Can you see on the photo.

Then pulled the thread to make a petal.

Make 5 petals then stick them together on a piece of felt 

Found a bit of felt (snippet again just look at the shape of that felt ! ) 

and glued with rather a lot of 

3D gell onto the felt - got a bit sticky I have to say. 

Had a rummage around in my button and bobs jar 

Stuck a large button gem in the center with pearls around the edge

Then thought .... now what.... I know 

will cut out a stork and leaves from the felt and mount onto 
a snippet card from my stash which I had already cut out sometime back,

Stamped flowers over the orange card. 

Added the flower to the orange circle onto a Shaving foam backing paper. 

and onto a blue / green card stock 

Well that was different way to use up snippets of stuff. 

Mounted it onto the card stock to make a picture What I really need now is
a deep frame to put the flower into but hopefully you get the idea. 

I would like to enter it for the following (hope it will meet the criteria ) 

Certainly not a card today as the flower is far too heavy and large. 

Well that is it for today

Best see what needs to be done now 

Bit of a tidy up me thinks 

Have a good day 

crafty hugs 

x x