Monday, 6 March 2017

Oven glove ....step by step

Well here I am 

Did wonder if I would get to do my blog today

Sort of lost my mojo in regards to making cards today. Rather 
diappointed IndigoBlu are no longer doing a monthly challenge
What is it with every blog I seem to like and have supported since I started blogging
they seem to be on a mission to change. 

Is Change good? Well there are those who say Yes and those who say NO.

So for a change today, I got out my sewing machine and started to make

Well I got one done here are a selection of photos along the way. 

Different materials used, front, insulation and lining 

Pin pattern onto snippet of material 

 Cut 2 of each layer 

Do some random lines all over the top 

Make a lining , leaving an opening on the long side. Make sure it is large enough 
for when you need to turn the glove back 

pinking shears the edges

Discover the size of the thumb not right to mark to make it larger 

Put all layers together .... but realise you have the lining the wrong way out 
and on the wrong side, To machine up and turn from inside out.  

Turning inside out to the right side facing 

all attached 

Sew up hole in the lining 

Final step iron and stitch around the edge .....

Well that is just one Oven Glove Made.... 

It will match the Oven Mitt I made the other day ....

That was a good afternoons work..... will check to see if I need anything extra 
for the other glove ( to be made) 

Hope you are having a good day and look forward to 
hearing from you in due course. 

Not sure there is any challenges I can enter it for = let me know if you 
can think of any 

But in the mean time.... have a great day 

Thank you for your visit 

Crafty hugs 

x x 


  1. You oven gloves look fantastic Pen. Now I'm one who doesn't like change. Barb xx

  2. Great oven glove may need to try this too.
    I agree a lot of good challenges are 'closing' down or moving to facebook. Try and keep your mojo up with great creations like this. x ♥[aNNie]


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Crafty hugs Pen