Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Keep your dogs at home or on a lead

Hi all 

Thank you for joining me today.....

I am going to post a bit of a rant today.....I know not like me. 

but today after I came back from shopping  I was looking out at our garden 
which backs onto "Mr Lamb Owner" field and 

there was a dog out in the field chasing the sheep and lambs. 

The dog which was ginger in colour was worrying sheep in another 
field earlier this week. 

But here he was yet again chasing the sheep, panic prevailed. 

Could I gain the attention of the dog NO but fortunately the sheep and lambs rushed 
down to where I was......

NOW my rant is 


OK I should mention that this was a loose dog with NO owner, but I do 
know where the OWNER lives so think it is time to put posters up 
in our Village Hall Notice boards (3 in total) for the area. 

You may not see in this photo but the all the sheep and lambs are looking over to where 
the dog is. 

Number 83 in our garden 

Well not got much done today with crafting. Have to say that the sheep and lambs are 
now all ok in the field. But we could not find the dog. 

Wish I had taken a video !!! 

Have baked cakes today and pegged out the washing. 

Will be back tomorrow 

and look forward to hearing your views on my blog today. 

Crafty hugs 

x x 


  1. I agree Pen and you are right to be angry, obviously a very irrisponsable owner, not at all the dogs fault. If it was me, I would be having a word with yur local community police officer, because if this dog gets the taste of blood he will have to be put down, when in fact it should be the owner that's put doing....just saying, but people who can't look after their pets get no quarter from me, Kate x

  2. Irresponsible pet owners are a total menace, especially when they are putting the lives of other livestock at risk. No wonder you felt riled up today. Cara x

  3. I agree Pen - I also wish people would keep dogs on leads when walking through fields of cows. As a keen walker I've had a couple of scary incidents when walking through fields where cows have been spooked by dogs!
    Kath x

  4. Hi Pen,
    I totally agree too.
    People should keep their dogs in check and on a lead.
    There have been enough news about the damage they are doing to them if not kept in check.
    Those poor sheep and little lambs it makes me want to cry.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  5. I live in a city, Pen, but I recently got a postcard from the Post Office telling us to be sure our dogs are kept fenced, or in another room if the mail carrier needs to leave a package, because if the mail carrier feels threatened, s/he can refuse to leave mail. The big words were "ANY DOG CAN BITE." Looks like there are similar problems on both sides of the pond.

    I also came by to tell you my blog is fixed and I've added you to my left sidebar again.

  6. Damn... this makes me cross too. You should definitely tell the local Bobby if you know whose dog this is. The farmer will shoot it if it keeps doing this !!!


Your views and comments are appreciated . I look forward to your visit again.

Crafty hugs Pen