Sunday, 1 July 2018

Birthdays in June

Hi there

How are you doing, it been very hot here over the last few days well more like 

Outside in the sun its over 50 C and in doors its over 26 C and it is nearly 8pm 

The poor old garden is drying out due to no rain and all this hot weather but they do forecast thunderstorms tomorrow. Time will tell. 

Any way it was my daughters birthday on the 28th and my partners brothers too. 

So to celebrate here is a photo of the card I made for my daughter.  It is different 
way to fold the card. 

I used Hunkydory kit and thought the colours were just lovely. 

Hope you like it and it is my entry for the Design Team over at 

Love to craft Challenge Blog 

So hope to see you there. 

Happy "dry hot" days 

Friday, 1 June 2018

Birthday present for Mum

Hi there

Sorry I am a bit late "in the day" 

I wish to show you a mat that I made for Mums Cat Myrtle as part of Mums 
90th birthday presents.

It was really easy to make using strips of fabric.

I hope this will inspire you to get your sewing machine out and 
start sewing.

this is my entry as Design Team member over at Love to Craft Challenge Blog

Hope to see you again 

Very soon 

x x 

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Multi Kittens with Voucher

Good morning 

Here is my entry for the Design Team over at Love to Craft Challenge Blog 

I have used Screen Sensation kit again and here is the 

Voucher you can use to purchase any Screen Sensation items from

 Reader’s Discount Code is: SSBL25-SN3L6

Well I hope you like the designs here today. 

I have used a Gelli plate to change the direction of the Kitten 
printing on white card stock.

But first I mounted the screen onto the unit 

Masked off the words as I did not want those

 Sorry about the photo - but put selection of inks on the screen

How it looks on a Gelli Plate 

Used an alcohol pen to add an edge.

Mat and layered onto printed card stock and mounted onto a white card blank.

It is so easy to print lots of images at the same time. 

Well worth it for batch making and by using slightly different colours as you go
you can get some really interesting designs. 

I hope you like the selection of cards 

Finished designs 

Have a great day and do use the voucher code it can be used world wide.

Crafty hugs 

x x 

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Hare today gone tomorrow

Hi there

It has been a difficult time for me this week, it is a week ago I found out the 
sad loss of my very dear Cousin Soo. 

A terrible accident - which we are all trying to come to terms with. 

This week has gone in a blur I have to say, I feel heavy in my heart and my eyes
are feeling that I have been crying all day and night (although I have not) 

Anyway I am a bit late with my post for the challenge over at 

Love to Craft Challenge Blog

But here it is. 

found this card I made the other day using my Screen Sensation kits. 

I printed using a 5 x 7 screen the hare onto white card. Then  mat and layered onto 2 sheets of paper onto a white card blank.

I hope you like the card.....

I have some exciting news

 I have been asked to show case 

Screen Sensations products from

Here are the products I used to make the card ....

using stock photos 

I used to print off the 5"x7" picture - so easy to use

Masking off the words first before I used the ink.

Using their special tape 

Black ink 

Once the ink was dry I then constructed the card.

Easy peasy ..... 

I will be showcasing the products again with my latest screens from Screen Sensations 

 but in the meantime 

here are a few details about the products 

the Screen Sensation system consists of three main components:

  1. The Kit– Consists of a base unit, frame, small and large squeegee, stir sticks, and a collapsible ink bowl.
  2. Screens – Custom screens in wide variety of themes. They come in two sizes (12x12 and 7x5) Simply affix a screen to your frame with Screen Sensation fixing tape (formulated to be safe on the emulsion layer) and make a print.
  3. Ink – Water based, drain safe, and washes out in cold water to make clean-up a breeze! Once ink is fully cured onto a solid surface or heat set into fabric, it becomes permanent. (Heat set fabrics are washer safe at 40°C)

Just for my readers I have a unique discount code which can be used world wide to 
enjoy 25% off any Screen Sensation purchase at

Your Reader’s Discount Code is: SSBL25-SN3L6

Thank goodness for crafting and sewing as that has kept me going over this last week.

I hope you will be inspired to look at these great products 

Crafty hugs 

Friday, 23 March 2018

New machine

Good afternoon all 

Well I have taken the bull by the horns today and took out my 
birthday present today 

Junki overlocker. 

Threading was so very easy 

But the trial sewing was interesting to say the least. 

Think I need to read the manual (yuk not like me prefer to just do it) 

Here are a few photos of the day and the samples 

On plain fabric works lovely but on stretch fabric I have loops 

I used different colour threads to help me see what the machine was doing 

Any ideas folks would love to hear from you 

Sewing hugs 

x x 

Friday, 16 March 2018

Ribbon Comforter

Hi there 

Hope I find you well and enjoying (in the UK) this day of sunshine. 

We had the meeting about our Sewing Group for the Village and it is now all systems 
go to start in a weeks time. 
A few teething problems trying to sort out an evening and time that would suit 
everyone .... but hopefully we have it booked ready to go. 

While at the meeting the other day Liz showed us a Ribbon Conforter her grandson 
was using and I thought wonder if I could make it. 

Here it is - my interpretation of it. I have made sure that the ribbons a well sewed 
onto the fabric. I have used all scraps of Crafty Ribbons ribbons all various sizes, textures and colours. 

The material is a soft fleece a scrap from my bundle cut to around 9 inches in size, well had to go for the size I could get out of the scrap. 

I have used my walking foot for the first time too - as I was finding it difficult to sew 
the fleece together. 

All a learning curve. 

Hope you like the photos and it shows my work. 

Love to enter it for the following 


Have a great day 

Sewing hugs 

x x x 

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Screen Printing - I was in the Moooooood

Well hello all and great to be back.

Been a bit of a busy time over the last few weeks I have to say. 

I am trying to start a Sewing Group in our Village, and it seems to have gone 
down a storm. Which is good. Had our first meeting last week to see 
what everyone wishes to do. 

Starting for "real" end of the month. 

Thought I would have a play with screen printing and using my Screen Sensation 
kits both big and small have made a variety of items which I hope 
people will like. 

Went shopping to day to buy candles, has a delivery of calico bags this week, and got the 
card stock to make the cards. 

Here are a few tips along the way. 

Prime the screens first before you do the actual print on the bag, (had to wash one as I was not happy with it) 

Discover the bags shrink in the wash so wash them all and iron flat before you start. 

Use a Gelli press to print onto the candles works a treat (well it did for me) 

Take a print off the Gelli press onto card stock to use up the ink. 

Remember taking a print off the gelli press makes the picture in reverse. 

Try not to get too messy - like I do. 

And dont let the hubby or partner see you washing your screens in the sink. 

Well here are the photos for you to look at and I will report back as to what people think 
of them. 

Have made a bigger candle print which has worked well. 

Have fun and hope to see you again with some more finished projects tomorrow or the next day. 
Cards still need to be made :) 

All the best 

Crafty hugs 

x x x