Wednesday, 6 April 2016

WOYWW - 357

Afternoon all

Been a bit of a busy day so far. Had to dash to the Drs cos I have a 
"spot / lump" in my hairline which is getting larger. 

Being refereed to the Dermatologist within the next two weeks, Dr says nothing to 
worry about. I have to say I have been leaving it - naughty - as I was worried. 

Just had Father on the phone again, he has lost the use of his arm, but wont 
call the Dr. So will be another visit later once Den is home. 

Just about to phone Mum and see how she is.... but thought I would have a 
bit of me time and write my blog for today. 

Will I be like this when I get older - time will tell.

So - here I am with my photo for today

Yes its Wednesday and time for Stamping Ground WOYWW I really do not know
were the time goes. 

As you can see from my photo I have been making a Bee Card ... one of our
neighbours is 90 in June and is a bee keeper and another 
lady is 90 this week. I have been asked to make some cards with 90th Birthday on
for tomorrows Village Hall Coffee Morning.

Been busy making cards today ready for tomorrow. 

I was lucky to win a competition the other day and ordered the bee stamp 
all the way from the USA. It stamps lovely. 

Also in the picture you can see some canvas boards which I have been 
playing with. Using acrylic paints and circles. Project in the making. 

Hay ho .... my mind is going off in the direction of I must give Mum a call now
so best be off 

Thank you for popping in and listening to my rambles. 

To write it down makes is "dilute" in my head - with all these worries. 

See you tomorrow - God willing

Crafty hugs 


  1. Hi Pen, hope your mind is a little more settled now. Isn't it funny how a certain birthday age crops up a lot all of a sudden? All those 90th, what a great age!

  2. Gorgeous cards and that is a lovely bee! It is true that talking or writing about something often takes the weight off your shoulders. PJ #57

  3. Pretty card. You've been very busy with people and illness. I hope all starts getting better and calming down.
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #30

  4. Pretty cards Pen. How many 90 year olds trot along to your village hall. Sounds like good clean air there. I hope you found your Mum well when you phoned. Barbxx

  5. Pretty cards, and so nice to be asked to make a few for others. I couldn't agree more about writing it down, it does keep a perspective doesn't it. It's no good me saying don't worry about it BUT remember, your Dad's being stubborn because he's probably scared like you were about your lump. Good luck with him, hope your Mum is OK, and that you feel reassured by your Dr.

  6. Looks like you're having lots of fun there. I hope your lump is nothing serious and that your parents are okay. They are a worry as they get older, my Mum's going to be a nightmare, I can feel it already and she's only in her 70's yet! Hugs, Cara x

  7. Congrats on your 'win'. It sounds like you and your father are alike - not wanting to go doctors! Glad everything is okay with you. It is a worry but better to get it sorted out and know than to worry about it. Once you know what it is you can deal with it!

    Have a great week
    Sharon k #42

  8. Your special 90th birthday bee cards are beautiful, Pen! I'm sorry you all seem to be in the medical queue just now and have worrisome issues. I hope your lump is a simple errant hair follicle and that there is nothing major wrong with Dad. Big hugs! Darnell

  9. you know, my very first thought was... you are already like your dad. you dont have to wait till your are older to get there. going to the dr. is scary so, hopefully the issues can be fixed soon for both of you. (( HUGS )) PS that is such pretty card :) ~Stacy #53

  10. Wow, anyone, especially someone 90 certainly deserves one of your beautiful cards!! I wonder if I will still doing art when I am 90! :)
    Happy Creating! Sorry for the late post.
    Kim #66

  11. Oh dear, worries.... I hope your lump will be removed soon (it probably is nothing, but you never know...) and that your dad gets his arm seen to. Yes, elderly parents are a worry. My mother is 92 and lives in another country (She lives in Holland and I live in Spain), so i phone her almost every day.
    I love you bee stamps. And the card you are making will be well received I'm sure by the 90 yr old bee keeper.
    Have a good week,


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